BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

2020 Business & Financial Affairs Employee Recognition Nominations


About the Nominations

Aligning with Central Washington University ’ s Wildcat Way criteria the Business & Financial Affairs division celebrates employees during this second annual recogni- tion event. Employees were encouraged to nominate fellow coworkers based on the following Wildcat Way attributes.


Welcoming Someone who puts forth an effort to make others feel comfortable. This is some- one who reaches out and accepts others, especially those who are new, and makes them feel part of the group. Inclusive Someone who invites others to meetings, events, etc. that might otherwise not attend. This is someone who really considers other people and doesn ’ t want any- one to feel left out. The University has a stated commitment to diversity. Diversity can take many forms. Being inclusive makes this all work and is a great value to the University. Knowledgeable Someone who knows a lot about something and is willing to share with others. This is someone who has developed knowledge and mad skills and uses them to help us all be more successful. This knowledge could be technical, process relat- ed, or even just based in how and why the University works the way it does. The key to this is the person ’ s willingness to share this knowledge for the betterment of the workplace and University. Responsive Someone who is receptive to others ’ needs and takes action to assist. This is someone who meets the other person where they are, attempts to understand their needs, and goes as far as they can to help. Proud Someone who believes in our shared purpose and continues to support it. (We are proud Wildcats!)



Table of Contents

Welcoming ………….………………………..


Inclusive ………………………………………… 7

Knowledgeable ……………………………… 8

Responsive ……………………………………. 12

Two - Category Nominations …………… 14

Three - Category Nominations ………… 18

Four - Category Nominations ………….. 26

Five - Category Nominations …………… 28

Group Nominations ………………………. 40



Erin Slaughter, Human Resources Erin is always so welcoming at the front desk in Human Resources, helping all our customers and providing an exemplary example of the Wildcat Way for her student staff. But what I really appreciate most is Erin ’ s willingness to help her coworkers with whatever random project we send her way. Recently she has been helping me as together we learn about the immigration process at CWU. Erin always has a smile on her face and is ready to take on any challenge we may bring, eager to learn new things and help the department out in any way she can. I am so grateful to have a colleague like Erin on my team! Joanna Hunt, Wildcat Shop Joanna Hunt helped with my textbook complaints even though it was not her job. I emailed her 3 times over winter break, and she responded by looking up the class and telling me how many books were available. Finally, she forwarded me to Text- books. As a woman of color, it is so nice to be able to leave my department and feel welcomed and know I will get help. Thank you, Joanna! Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services Suzy not only provides our areas with stellar administrative support, but she does it with a warm and positive attitude, daily. Suzy welcomes everyone who passes through our doors and does it sincerely. Suzy is a joy to work with and is always willing to help others. She is an asset to our division and University, we are very fortunate to have her!



Kirsten Garland, Wildcat Printing Human Resources ordered new business cards for several of our staff members. When we opened the boxes, there were little florescent green notes inside that said, “ This is a reminder: You are amazing! ” What an excellent touch! And what a great example of the Wildcat Way. Thank you so much!



Barbara Hodges, Human Resources Barbara has done an amazing job tracking all of the constantly changing rules regarding Washington Paid Family Medical Leave over the last year and as it has been implemented this January. She is happy to meet with all staff members to share her knowledge of the program and keep them updated as the State continues to define/modify the program on a monthly and even weekly basis. I am so impressed with her ability to succinctly summarize the information employees need to know and direct their additional inquiries to the right places. This is a very complicated program that will continue to be in flux as the Employment Security Department works out the kinks over the next couple of years. Barbara has been amazing at going with the flow and learning everything she can about the program and how it will affect CWU employees. Great job, Barbara! Carolyn Montgomery, Contracts & Purchasing Carolyn is organized, helpful and thorough in all she does. She is always willing to lend a hand, stop and explain important contract pieces and investigate questions. Carolyn is one of the most helpful staff persons I have encountered here at CWU. Jennifer Ford, Human Resources Jennifer Ford has been such a pleasure to work with and has taken the time to teach me many new things in our system. She is nothing but patient and even when her workload is brimming over, she always makes time to answer questions I have, shows me a quicker way of doing things or a place to find specialized information that makes the workflow more effective. She has a way of letting me know when a correction is needed and explains why so that I can learn moving forward. I enjoy working with her and want her to know that she is appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!


John Logwood, Financial Planning & Analysis I'm nominating this individual because when I think of someone who is knowledge- able, I think of someone that you know you can ask a question of and they will have the answer or the experience to know how to find the answer. I also know that this person is not selfish with their knowledge and is always eager to share it and provide guidance from it. This person has gained knowledge not only from experience, but from failures and learning from those failures. He isn ’ t afraid to admit that he may have failed, but rather openly acknowledges those failures and sees them as an opportunity to gain more knowledge, and share that to help others avoid the same failures. I say this not only of myself and the positive experience I have gained from this person's knowledge, but also from my experi- ence in meetings when a question is asked and answer is often, "Is John here to an- swer that", or when I get an email from a Dean, Director, or colleague with the re- quest, "Can you ask John if..". To be knowledgeable is to be intelligent and well in- formed. I believe John consistently demonstrates these characteristics. John demonstrates his knowledge of budgeting, accounting, RCM, CatPlan, and excel through his daily workings. Not only does he have a vast knowledge of these items, when asked questions related to them, he is always willing to share infor- mation in a straight forward way to help make others knowledgeable. His experi- ence allows him to make reasonable decisions in the best interest of the University and has provided him with a forward thinking mentality. John has a lot of knowledge of the different processes of the University so he understands how they are interrelated and the cause/effect one thing can have on another. He is knowl- edgeable about the departments, colleges and centers. He often knows who the best person to contact is on campus to assist with resolving any items. He works in multiple CWU systems; FS, CS, CatPlan, HRIS. This has made him a go - to person for finding the right query or helping find out how something happened and showed up that 'weird way'. From this knowledge of these interrelated systems he is often tasked with being on committees or meetings to continue to make improvements



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to processes and validating data. His knowledge of Excel and SmartView is vast, and if you ’ ve ever had the opportunity to sit in a meeting while he works through a data set you know that you always learn a thing or two. John's knowledge isn't only related to processes, systems, functions, excel or depart- ments. He is also knowledgeable from a human aspect. He shows respect and com- passion to his colleagues knowing that having a positive attitude and good working relations are essential to everyone' success. He knows the importance of each per- son he interacts with and invests in his employees well - being with support and un- derstanding. He knows that sharing his knowledge helps build a better team and taking the time to know your employees cultivates leadership. John consistently, day in and day out, exercises and shares his knowledge to so many people at so many level. It is because of this, I nominate John for the WildCat Way of being knowledgeable. Kathy Reynolds, Contracts & Purchasing Kathy has been so helpful with all my travel questions. There is so much to learn and so many different steps. She has been so patient with me. Thank you, Kathy. You are a Rock Star! Lacy Lampkins, SURC Accounting Lacy has consistently demonstrated expertise in knowledge of all of our budgets and the planning processes. She leads the financial planning for our S & A base funding quadrennial processes and provides great leadership and consulting for decision makers.


Lisa Plesha, Vice President ’ s Office Lisa is always there to be the expert on ways that legislation impacts the Uni- versity. Many times, I have heard something that the governor or other rep- resentative passes, and I wonder how that will impact Central. But I don't re- ally need to wonder because we have a dedicated area that considers the fiscal impact to the University. I appreciate her expertise and her willingness to share her knowledge. Missy Davis, Human Resources Missy is my go - to person. Anytime I need to test something out or have ques- tions about techy stuff, she is always available. She never makes me feel like she is too busy to help. Her attention to detail and planning is above and be- yond. She always has a smile on her face and never feels like I am a bother, even though I probably am. LOL! Tracy Jackson, Facilities Finance Tracy has only been at CWU for a short period of three years, but her wealth of knowledge soars beyond that. No matter the question she has an answer to it! She has never made me feel like I am incompetent at my job and is al- ways willing to help by sharing her knowledge. Tracy is an obvious contact for our whole department and demonstrates her willingness to help daily. She has continued to make our department run more efficiently while increasing accountability throughout.



Olivia Lane, Auxiliary Marketing Olivia's workload has increased drastically because of the current circumstances, and she has met every challenge that has come her way, producing high - quality assets that meet the exact needs of our clients. She is incredibly responsive to our departments' needs, and she works fast, well, and diligently. She has been very adaptable and accommodating to last - minute changes (which have been plentiful recently!). Many of our projects have had very fast turnaround time, and she has adapted her work schedule to finish projects quickly, while still delivering high - quality work. She has shouldered a lot of work and stress, always with a positive attitude. Many projects would not be possible without her, and she is a great asset to our team. Staci Sleigh - Layman, Human Resources During these trying times, Staci has been going above and beyond to make others feel informed and in - the - loop even if we, as a world, don't know what is going to happen next. Staci started the 'Tuesday Talks with HR' to inform employees of different things coming up and to answer any questions employees may have. She is answering questions with such grace. Even saying "I don't know" when she may not know the answer, but she will find out for you. She has stepped up to the plate and, to me, is the person to look to during this time. She works tirelessly to stay up to date with all the changes. Staci is so worthy of a shout out right now. In HR, we tend to recognize each other on a personal level and keep it within HR, but Staci should also be recognized for all the hard work she has been doing to keep all CWU employees in the know and with compassion.


Stephanie Bury, Payroll Services Stephanie is the front line of the Payroll office and meets everyone with a smile, patience, and a willingness to assist with anything. Her calm and helpful nature puts everyone at ease during sometimes stressful situations. She takes the time to listen and fully understand situations, offering her help or providing appropriate resources to guide customers, employees, and peers to a solution. She treats everyone with kindness, respect and is responsive to their needs. Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services Suzy has always been someone who has kept us on the same page. She has always been very helpful and great to work with. Once covid came I think was when I really appreciated her though. She has been so quick to help keep us going with technology needs, meeting set ups, and still going out of her way to find topics that are relevant to our current working conditions. She is a talented woman and a really valuable member of the team.


Two - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Knowledgeable Torin Munro, Dining Services

I don't like to pick favorites, but if I had to pick a favorite co - worker, Torin would be a strong contender. He is somewhat of a savior around Dining. Somehow, he seems to have his hands in every project, all the time. With seemingly any question or concern brought to him, he delightfully provides a straightforward, detailed response with information exceeding what is necessary. I admire his ability to look deeply into projects or issues to see the layers of possibility beyond what others are able to. I also admire his willingness to remain positive and contributive, especially in these tough and uncertain times. Not only is he immediate, inquisitive, and detailed in his responses, I somehow find Torin thanking me when I bring up issues or provide more work for him to do. Through all of these apparent endless and comprehensive contributions to the Dining team, Torin seems to always be wearing a smile, often laughing throughout his meetings. His genuine positivity has always brought light to the workplace, and in current times acts as a source of relief from the daily anxieties we're all experi- encing. I deeply admire Torin's character and work ethic and am proud to work alongside him.


Inclusive / Responsive Missy Davis, Human Resources

Over the last several months HR has been working to implement and administer numerous changes to employee leave, work hours, work from home provisions and temporary employment reductions based on the COVID 19 Pandemic. Throughout all of the chaos of creating new leave plans, working with Payroll and IS to imple- ment these plans, track usage, provide instructions to supervisors and employees, updating and generating notices along with the supporting the daily HR operation- al functions Missy has selflessly dedicated her time and energy to her work. Always there to answer a "quick" question even though she is up to her eyeballs in other pressing work. She does her work with a smile and a determined mindset to find a solution, even when the parameters of the issue change, sometime on a daily basis. Missy seeks input from other team members, offers solutions and is always responsive to people's requests. She wholeheartedly demonstrates the WildCat Way!


Two - Category Nominations

Knowledgeable / Responsive Barrett Jelvik, Wildcat Shop

Barrett continually goes out of his way to acknowledge the good in everyone. Whether this is done formally through a nomination process or informally through a spoken word or note he does not let others accomplishments go unnoticed. He finds the positive in individuals and builds on their strengths.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Chris Huss, Accounting & Financial Services

What a life saver Chris is! His knowledge of FMS is extensive and he is a super - pro with queries and always there to come to the rescue for those of us in need.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Katie Reeder, Facilities Finance

Katie has gained a wealth of knowledge in her short tenure with facilities, even diving in to figure things out when others come to her with questions. She is very responsive and always willing to help a co - worker who needs assistance.

Knowledgeable / Responsive Lacy Lampkins, SURC Accounting

Lacy is constantly sharing her knowledge of budgeting and financing to ensure that our finances are handled accurately due to the many codes affecting student money. She has cited numerous RCW policies and suggested alternatives to the original plan. Her knowledge of excel also has made our life easier, as she is able to teach us shortcuts and how to use the tables more efficiently. She has created accounting tables to match what I was using for budgeting and also is happy to work with us on short notice with reopening services and streamlining our cash handling procedures.


During our closure, she is always there and ready to help ensure we stay on track financially. This is done through timely budget reports and frequent meetings to answer any of our questions. It is my great pleasure to nominate Lacy Lampkins!

Knowledgeable / Responsive Lisa Plesha, Vice President ’ s Office

Lisa is extremely responsive and knowledgeable in her role. She works to under- stand the need of our division and each department and works with us to support a spending and budgeting plan. She keeps us updated and informed and is patient with our staff in working through the budgeting process. I think Lisa is one of the best examples of CWU staff living the Wildcat Way each day. Knowledgeable / Responsive Missy Davis, Human Resources Missy is always willing to take the time to share her knowledge of processes and provide information needed for projects with a smile.


Three - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Kim Horner, Contracts & Purchasing

Kim is very welcoming to new team members and makes sure that everyone has the tools to perform their job. She keeps her direct reports informed and responds to all requests, and in a timely manner. She treats everyone respectfully. She gives very clear directions and valuable feedback. She is consistent, calm, dependable and kind, and she'll do whatever is within her power on behalf of her staff.

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services

Suzy is amazing. She coordinates all our meetings, keeps us up to date on what's going on, is welcoming to anyone who comes to the floor (or is in the zoom these days...) and tries to include everyone in things that she helps plan for the depart- ment. She always has a smile and something nice to say, even if it has to be said via e - mail or messenger these days. She keeps our groups moving forward and allows us to focus on the project or topic at hand, knowing that she will have already taken care of the logistical and administrative needs. Overall Suzy is one of the best administrative assistants I have worked with over the years at CWU. She is always willing to drop everything to help out when some- thing comes up, whether it's someone new to the floor, or having to arrange meeting space for larger regional meetings or gathering our group for a local zoom meeting to discuss things.


Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services

Suzy is an integral component of our division. She has the ability to "herd cats" in an inclusive and welcoming manner without being perceived as demanding. Our division would not be as successful as it is without her efforts and support.


Three - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Danielle Parks, SURC Accounting

Danielle is always fostering a warm and welcoming work environment without sacrificing productivity. Her knowledge of other departments and applicable out- side business practices bring new perspectives otherwise overlooked. Thanks for being part of the team!

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Erin Sargent, Vice President ’ s Office

Erin has an amazing personality and she is warm and welcoming to everyone she meets, she is always going above and beyond to greet, welcome, and encourage her peers and anyone she meets. She has a great smile, and an open and acknowledging way of accepting and welcoming new people, as well as keeping the competitive spirit alive with co - workers in ways that are encouraging and not demoralizing. She is always the first person to volunteer for things, including new projects she has never tried before, and is quick to provide an accurate response to questions and is always looking for ways to meet the requester's needs. If she can't help someone she is able to direct them to the area or individual who can help them. Her knowledge of state accounting system is unparalleled at CWU, as she is the key interface between CWU and the State Accounting System (AFRS), she has to main- tain a knowledge of the translation tools needed to convert CWU information to something that can be read and interpreted by the state AFRS system. She is work- ing closely with the State Budgeting office as well and will probably have that system mastered in no time as well. If she thinks she can do something, she will get it done, and I haven't seen too many things that she didn't think she could accomplish if she set her mind to it.


Overall I think Erin is an invaluable employee for CWU Accounting and we are lucky to have her with us, our status with the state accounting folks has increased greatly with them knowing that Erin has taken an interest in doing thing right and she is working to streamline and automate the reporting processes as much as possible (before the state changes accounting systems, which is in process with the One Washington project that is designing/selecting the replacement system for AFRS). They have more confidence in our numbers, and are more likely to trust us when we do have to make adjustments or corrections to existing figures. Her cultivation of the relationship with the state accounting group has greatly increased our stand- ing with the state based on calls and discussions we have had with them. I would go on that she is also Proud and Inclusive in very vocal and visible ways, but I feel I should leave some traits for others to comment on.

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Jason Bakeman, Contracts & Purchasing

In every interaction I have had with Jason, he has been friendly and helpful. No matter how busy he is, he is always even - keeled and professional. For example, he patiently takes the time to explain the bidding process in the warehouse, even though he has to do this repeatedly in a single day. He is responsive, whether you are calling, e - mailing, or in the warehouse. Also, he goes above and beyond in helping people, answering questions, making suggestions, and arranging pick - ups. Jason is a role model for how friendly, helpful, and responsive we all should be.

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Sara Senter, Wildcat Shop

Sara's daily actions show her going above and beyond in her daily role as a text- book buyer. She takes her job personally wanting to make sure every student on and off campus is cared for when questions or issues come about with course materials. Sara never makes anyone feel stupid or insecure for asking questions and she puts in extremely long hours to make sure to provide service for the students when they need it most.


Three - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services

Suzy is simply amazing! From the moment I joined the BFA division she has gone out of her way to make sure I feel included. Suzy is the glue that figures out all the details and puts together the information and resources we need to not only be successful in our jobs but also have it be a fun place to work. She seeks out new information and works across campus departments to bring us into contact with other individuals we might otherwise not meet. In our BFA and BFF meetings she creates engaging content that allows us to become aware of other departments and how they contribute to the University as a whole. She creates space for those of us that work within BFA to share our knowledge and educate others in the department about what we do. Suzy has such a calm, kind character and is always welcoming and approachable. Since the new landscape of COVID - 19, Suzy has gone out of her way to IM or email me just to see how I am doing. I know that if I ever need help or direction on anything Suzy will be responsive and do her very best to help me any way she can. Suzy is a true asset to our division and I feel so lucky that I can count her not only as a coworker but also as a valued friend.

Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Proud Kate Doughty, Auxiliary Enterprises

I have been on a few break out groups with Kate and I think their dedication to the Wildcat farm and sustainable farming practices are something very special to CWU. In many instances, people think of the farm as a place that is calming and a place to "escape" the stress of the last few months. Kate has demonstrated inclusiveness with their farm programming by welcoming both the CWU and Ellensburg commu- nities to take part in the work needed to grow such excellent crops. They have shared their knowledge of sustainable farming practices with all that are interested, and they are clearly very proud of being a part of the Wildcat family, which is demonstrated in the care they apply to their job. I think the farm is a safe and calming haven in such stressful times and Kate has made it so.


Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Chris Harrison, Contracts & Purchasing

Chris takes pride in processing invoices for our CWU faculty/staff in a timely manner with great attention to detail. His dedication to CWU is seen every day by the care he gives each transaction and phone call/email he receives. He is a great team player in that he helps when there is an issue/problem that other staff members have.

Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud JoAnn Hundtoft, Human Resources

During the COVID - 19 pandemic, JoAnn has provided leadership at a variety of levels and with a variety of groups. She maintains communication with civil service union leadership. JoAnn is the magic that happens behind - the - scenes to keep Employee Services and Talent Acquisition Team on an even keel. She has been, and continues to be, responsive to a myriad of changes, as a result of the pandemic, including providing guidance on remote work, supervising from a distance, and unemployment fraud. She keeps her HR team working in the same direction. She asks tough questions and challenges other members of the HR Leadership Team to find effective and realistic solutions. She encourages her team to always do their best by complimenting them and always crediting them on a job well done. JoAnn has been a tremendous asset to HR and to CWU. Thank you, JoAnn, for your great work! We couldn't have done it without you!


Three - Category Nominations

Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Missy Davis, Human Resources

HR has taken on many additional responsibilities during the COVID - 19 pandemic. This has required that our entire staff be creative in the creation of information, use of systems, collaboration with other departments, etc. A standout is Missy Davis. Of particular mention is Missy's management of the almost 1000 letters that were distributed to employees who were furloughed or reduced in FTE. Changes were being made up to the last minute and Missy took this in stride with a smile, understanding our shared purpose in supporting employees, supervisors, and appointing authorities. We couldn't have done it without her!

Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Olivia Lane, Auxiliary Enterprises

Olivia is an incredibly talented Graphic Designer and shares her expertise and knowledge with her students every day, helping them grow and develop as young professionals. Her patience and willingness to teach others are deserving of recognition. She is very responsive and helpful and is a great piece to have when collaborating on a project. She works to fully understand her partners vision and put forth outstanding work. Olivia exemplifies our shared purpose and truly a wonderful fellow Wildcat.


Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Sara Senter, Wildcat Shop

I work with a program that presents some challenges to standard textbook adoption practices. Since the beginning of this program, Sara has been an outstanding ally in ensuring our students have access to the textbooks they need. Sara always prioritizes service to students. She sees her job as connecting students to resources rather than "selling" books. Sara shares ideas, thinks of new ways to do things, innovates processes, and focuses on solving problems. Her commitment is to student learning, ultimately, in alignment with CWU's mission. I can think of numerous occasions when my lack of action or misunderstanding of a process caused issues for our students. Sara fixes the issue quickly, compassionate- ly, and proposed long - term solutions as well. She takes accountability when appro- priate, shares credit easily, and never focuses on blame. I've come to adore working with Sara; she is a terrific representative of the Wildcat Way and CWU's mission. Working in the high - paced, demanding area of textbooks is no picnic. Sara's commitment, and that of the entire textbooks team, is exemplary.


Four - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive Carolyn Montgomery, Contracts & Purchasing

I discovered a gem in the Contracts office this past year in Carolyn Montgomery. I had the opportunity to work with her directly as we negotiated new terms on a couple of IT contracts. She does such a good job of communicating and following up and just keeps the ball rolling! She has such a professional tone in her emails and is calm even when negotiations become challenging. I appreciate having a partner who can help me through the many IT contracts we manage in Information Services. Thanks, Carolyn!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive Mary Rill, Wildcat Shop

Mary brings much knowledge to the University, specifically to the Wildcat Shop and is always there to lend a hand and encourage everyone she comes in contact with. Mary quietly encourages and acknowledges people where they are at with- out drawing attention to herself. Mary has a heart of gold and a tender spirit that draws her to help out and assist people wherever they are in life.

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive / Proud Kimberly Smith, Early Childhood Learning Center

Kim is always cheerful, her laugh is delightful. Which is always a bright spot in the day when you hear it. She makes personal connections after hours with the fami- lies that we serve. She is mindful of others feelings and thoughts. She is a great member of our team.


Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Chery Byers, Business Services

Chery always has a welcoming smile and personality. I always feel like she is happy to see me. She is very smart and knowledgeable in her work and other aspects of the University. With her position, she has to be very responsive to everyone. She makes sure to be prompt. She loves CWU. Chery is so kind and a great person to be around.


Five - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Brent Callahan, Dining Services Brent is a key member of dining operations. Under normal operations, he not only has a deep comprehension of the dining operations in the SURC, he shares his knowledge and uses it to make sure we have the supplies we need for all of our daily operations and special events. He has a joyful, welcoming attitude that is evident in the upbeat, hardworking attitudes of the students under his guidance. That same attitude shows itself when he is sharing a laugh with a manager of 15 years, or an employee of 15 days. Not only does Brent take care of his job - duties with incredible efficiency and understanding, but takes on projects to keep his team moving forward. Be it deep - cleaning or organizing a neglected area or jumping in to help cooks when they are behind, he is entirely self - motivated and takes pride in his role at Central. Brent has embraced the changes happening in Dining over the past year or so with excitement and an eagerness to see where his leadership takes the program. As one of those leaders, I am more than thrilled to have Brent's support in executing the team's vision, and find myself deeply depending on it. Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Charity Thornton, Contracts & Purchasing Charity welcomes all of my requests with a happy and pleasant response. You can feel her smile through e - mail and the phone.

Charity is a reliable source of accurate information, quick to respond to my needs and willing to share her expertise. Every time I have contacted her for information


or direction, I feel I have learned something new. She has made many useful contributions to my tool box!

Charity promotes a enjoyable, productive and collegial work environment. My peers have commented to me many times about how they enjoy working with her and how helpful and knowledgeable she is.

Charity never has a negative attitude. Her actions show her to be someone who promotes a positive environment. A proud Wildcat!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Dean Masuccio, Dining Services During the CoViD - 19 event, Dean and the Dining Services staff have priori- tized the needs of our campus community in an innovative, service - oriented and protective fashion. When our community was among the first to have a student isolated, Dean and the Dining staff created "Wellness" menus and a delivery system for that student and potentially any other student that might be impacted. Response plans were created by CWU's CoViD - 19 Incident Management Team and Dean created timely and effective plans that included student and staff safety, enhanced high - risk cleaning protocols, take - out menus, alterna- tive work schedules, communicating with vendors to mitigate supply - chain disruptions among a myriad of other plans. All that Dean and the Dining Staff have accomplished to date during this trying event on our campus community was executed with an honoring attitude, exhibited knowledge in applying best practices, and ensured continuity of operations with minimal disruption to the lives of our students.


Five - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Heather Harrell, Accounting & Financial Services Without Heather's consideration for federal regulations, reporting requirements, consistency in process, and voice of logic/reason relating to the spending of funds past/present/future, the team's decision - making would be uninformed at best, and potentially misaligned with legislation at worst. Both of them have committed to attending these meetings regardless of the many other very important commitments they have to their primary job roles, and I think it's quite likely that they both, like the rest of our team, have spent hours into evenings and weekends working through our processes in order to get funding to eligible students reporting emergency COVID - related financial situations. The list of ‘ thank yous ’ that our team has collected goes on for pages, and while most are directed to the team and to our Dean of Student Success, I believe each thank you from every student is also meant to be expressed to Inti Valverde and Heather Harrell. In consideration of the 5 pillars: Welcoming, Inclusive, Knowledgeable, Responsive & Proud - both Inti and Heather bring their A - Game to our team meetings every week, and I am so grateful they joined our team to help us, as they say, "build the plane as we're flying it". Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Inti and to Heather, two stellar CWU officials from the BFA Division; your contributions have been exceptional and very much appreciated by everyone else on this team. We couldn't do this incredible work without you.


Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Joel Klucking, Vice President ’ s Office Joel is the Wildcat Way personified. He personally introduced himself to me when I was a new employee and always offers a greeting in passing. He encourages staff to participate and share ideas to improve the university experience for all of our community members. He explains complex financial concepts in language that lay people can understand. He is direct and honest, and comfortable with saying 'I don't know' rather than speaking jargon or talking around a subject. He introduces progressive ideas and goals, and promotes health and happiness not just the financial bottom line. He is responsive to all of our needs, sometimes before we even realize that we have the need. His calm, kind demeanor shines through, as does his sharp intellect. His enthusiasm for his work illustrates his pride in CWU. I feel very fortunate to work in the division, and lucky to have the opportunity to observe and learn from Joel, even at my non - supervisory level. Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kerrie Nelson, Business Services Kerrie Nelson demonstrates her ability to be WELCOMING on a daily basis and her willingness to always guide and help others is genuine. She is a PROUD Wildcat that appreciates students, employees and her job. The respect and kindness that she demonstrates towards others is refreshing and is often noticed and commented on by others. She demonstrates ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. Kerrie's KNOWLEDGE of records management has made her the resident expert. She embraces all of her responsibilities and is always willing to step - in and guide departments through records management pitfalls across our


Five - Category Nominations

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Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kerrie Nelson, Business Services Kerrie demonstrates an amazing level of commitment to the University and is very proud to be a Wildcat. Her extensive knowledge and responsiveness, aids and guides others through the record management process with ease. She accomplishes her work by being inclusive and demonstrating grace, kindness and transparency. campus and at our centers. She demonstrates a strong commitment to INCLUSIVITY, is thoughtful and mindful of others and makes sure to bring all stake- holders to the table when adapting or making changes to retention schedules or processes. She is almost always the first person to remind others, not to forget to include our centers staff as a stakeholder. She encourages and exemplifies the virtue of good citizenship. Kerrie's commitment to CWU is telling by her many years of exceptional service. She is amazingly RESPONSIVE to others needs and takes all steps necessary to assure that she helps assist others to transfer her knowledge and assure compliance. If Kerrie can make someone ’ s job easier, she is always willing to go the extra mile. I am PROUD to have Kerrie on our team!

Kerrie is an excellent team member and always demonstrates compassion for her co - workers. I feel very fortunate and proud to have Kerrie as a member of our team.


Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kirsten Garland, Wildcat Printing Kirsten goes above and beyond in working with departments to meet the dupli- cating and printing needs. She reaches out to make sure that the final product is professional and represents what the department was wanting to communicate. I appreciate her inclusive nature and willingness to connect and respond. She is an outstanding wildcat! Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kirsten Garland, Wildcat Printing Kirsten Garland and her Team are always Welcoming and Friendly. Whether in person or by email, Kirsten makes sure she and her Team are there to help. As far as I am concerned they go above and beyond in this way. They are Inclusive and Friendly to all. They make sure everyone on their Team and yours is included. They are very Knowledgeable about what they do and willing to share that knowledge with everyone. They are very Responsive. They understand others needs, reach out if needed, and take immediate action to assist. In this also I think they go above and beyond. They handle the letter communications and state- ments for Financial Aid and Student Accounts. They take it very seriously that these go out accurately and in a timely manner. I can tell that Kirsten and her team are very proud of their work and willing to share that proudness with the rest of the University. Go Wildcat Printing! Good job!


Five - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kirsten Garland, Wildcat Printing Kirsten and her team are amazing! Always ready to help in any way they can and always with a smile. Kirsten's student employees are always helpful, polite and respectful and those qualities come from the example Kirsten sets for them. Me and my team always look forward to working with Wildcat Printing because we know we will receive excellent service and care! Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Lacy Lampkins, SURC Accounting Lacy is the visual representation of the Wildcat Way. Not only does she demonstrate all 5 areas, she pushes others to do the same. She is one of the most knowledgeable employees on campus. If she can't answer a question, I guarantee she knows who can. On top of that, she is excellent at her job as Student Funds Financial Manager, knowing the ins and outs while making it look easy. She is so responsive, dropping everything to assist students and staff alike. She troubleshoots problems at anytime, to make sure others aren't negatively impacted.

Above all else, Lacy is a true Wildcat. She lives the mission, and uses every work week to progress and make CWU a better place.

Thank you Lacy for all that you do, we couldn't to it without you.


Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Lisa Saucier, Accounts Payable I want to be like Lisa when I grow up. She is always friendly even when she's super busy or dealing with challenges. She generously shares treats that she bakes. She greets and makes time for anyone - there's nothing clique - ish about her. I always enjoy opportunities to collaborate with her because she's enjoyable to work with, I know I'll learn something new, and she always says thank you. Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Lori Hauser, Contracts & Purchasing Lori is the Welcomer - In - Chief who hosts new team members and deftly guides them through the onboarding process. She is adamant that everyone be treated the same so she's a wonderful antidote to the cliquishness or insular attitude within some areas. She has the gift of skillfully sharing her extensive knowledge without ever coming across as a 'know it all'. And I can always count on a timely response. In fact, her timeliness and respect for my time encourage me to similarly honor her and others' time. Lori is always willing to jump in to help with whatever needs to be solved or completed. Lori is very humble and tends more toward being an introvert, but she wears her CWU pride out loud through her actions. Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Michelle Adams, Wildcat Shop Michelle has been so great to work with for custom hardware for our spaces. They are producing really great hardware to help us adjust to covid. Each meeting goes smoothly, and the communication, pride in work, and attention to detail have been very comforting when we are all adjusting. Thanks Michelle!!!


Five - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud M ’ Liz Pardis, Dining Services M'Liz is just great. I've had the pleasure of working with her for almost a year now, and she was the first face from the department to show me around, and she has been a go to for information when I have questions. She's supportive in many capacities including helping edit documents, keep us on track, order goods for us, be our face for guests arriving, a conduit to HR and seems to do it all with care, pride, and kindness.

She was the first person on the team I started to miss when the virus started.

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services I am nominating Suzy Goeden for all 5 categories. Suzy continues to lift so much of the administrative duties in our departments in such a positive and uplifting way. She keeps all of us on task and connected during meetings and projects that we are all working on. I have fully enjoyed being able to work next to Suzy. I love how she connects everyone together in the BFA and also outside of our division, she is truly the definition of welcoming. I have been lucky to work on a few committees with her and I have been witness to her dedication to CWU and her colleagues. The reason I have nominating her for all 5 categories is because there isn ’ t just one that she has mastered, she has mas- tered all five and continues to do so every day!

Thank you, Suzy, for all your hard work and dedication - it doesn ’ t go unnoticed and we appreciate you so much!


Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services Suzy has been a great addition to our workgroup. She consistently works to bring everyone together and help with anything needed. She helps other departments with the hiring process and coordination even though it isn't technically her job. She just seems to want to see everyone work well together and be successful.

We are glad we have her!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Zachery DeHaven, Wildcat Printing Zack DeHaven is usually a behind the scenes guy. Many of our clients, and other university employees, may not work directly with him or even know who he is. Even so, each work request that passed through our department has benefited in some way by Zack's hard work and attention to detail. Zack consistently lends support to fellow employees and clients through his ever - positive, calm, can - do attitude, no matter what is being asked of him or how heavy our workload is. He just keeps moving forward, and that helps those around him to do the same. Over the years, I have watched Zack influence our student employees with his self - motivation, optimism, and willingness to tackle any task with an enviable level of enthusiasm, no matter the day or the week or time of day. What is Zack doing on a Friday afternoon? Unloading a huge pallet of paper, organizing shelves, catching up on billing. I told you, it's ENVIABLE. These qualities have been so important not only to our success as a team, but also to our student employees, as they learn from him how to be quality employees in a professional workplace.


Five - Category Nominations

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Zack exemplifies the Wildcat Way. He's Welcoming to those he comes in contact with, whether they are university employees, students needing prints made, or vendors we work with. He is Inclusive, in how he brings a sense of belonging to the clients he comes in contact with, and we've had some interesting characters over the years, helping them feel confident in their projects when the skill set to execute is lacking. Knowledgeable, because he just knows so much. Not only can he execute any print job well, he does all the billing for the depart- ment and can remember where just about anything is in the shop! "Zack, where's that blue paperclip we had three years ago?" "Oh, it's in the second drawer, in the back corner of that cabinet over there." Zack is unfailing in his Responsiveness, whether it's printing a last minute request, or asking for his opinion on some new equipment we might purchase. He makes sure the jobs get done, that the input is given, and that he is valuing what you have to say. And Proud. His contributions to the department, through his own personal work ethic and sense of "rightness," help us, as a department, provide the university with a client experience that we can all be proud of.



Group Nominations

Responsive Contracts & Purchasing: Carolyn M, Lori H, Kim H, Shelley S The staff in Contracts has a "can do" attitude and are committed to exceptional service. The team is always willing to help and to do so cheerfully - even when the timelines are tight. They take the time to explain the "how" and "why" of what they do and have been willing to assist in creating new processes to better serve departments who have atypical contract requests. I feel in working with them on a "simple" personnel stipend contract or a complicated multi - page document that involves an international company's legal team, the service will always be competent and prompt. The Contract's Group is a security blanket that ensures we are being good stewards on behalf of the university and the state. Additionally, they are all just really nice people and fun to be around!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Human Resources: Dale Lonowski & Joy Corbett

It's not just "what they did. "It's "what they do," all the time, no matter what. Both women are equally super welcoming, with eager smiles to help and/or listen. They both always seem to have a positive perspective or solution to each situation that is presented to them. They both have amazing personalities, are always happy to help others, and they both really do "go the extra mile," which is truly THE WILD- CAT WAY! :)

Welcoming / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Contracts & Purchasing Team

The Contracts & Procurement team assist CWU faculty/staff with contracts and procurement processing needs in a friendly manner while keeping an eye on attention to detail and timely responsiveness. They are always glad to provide information and answer questions to help their customers get answers.


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