BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Welcoming Someone who puts forth an effort to make others feel comfortable. This is some- one who reaches out and accepts others, especially those who are new, and makes them feel part of the group. Inclusive Someone who invites others to meetings, events, etc. that might otherwise not attend. This is someone who really considers other people and doesn ’ t want any- one to feel left out. The University has a stated commitment to diversity. Diversity can take many forms. Being inclusive makes this all work and is a great value to the University. Knowledgeable Someone who knows a lot about something and is willing to share with others. This is someone who has developed knowledge and mad skills and uses them to help us all be more successful. This knowledge could be technical, process relat- ed, or even just based in how and why the University works the way it does. The key to this is the person ’ s willingness to share this knowledge for the betterment of the workplace and University. Responsive Someone who is receptive to others ’ needs and takes action to assist. This is someone who meets the other person where they are, attempts to understand their needs, and goes as far as they can to help. Proud Someone who believes in our shared purpose and continues to support it. (We are proud Wildcats!)


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