BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services Suzy has been a great addition to our workgroup. She consistently works to bring everyone together and help with anything needed. She helps other departments with the hiring process and coordination even though it isn't technically her job. She just seems to want to see everyone work well together and be successful.

We are glad we have her!

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Zachery DeHaven, Wildcat Printing Zack DeHaven is usually a behind the scenes guy. Many of our clients, and other university employees, may not work directly with him or even know who he is. Even so, each work request that passed through our department has benefited in some way by Zack's hard work and attention to detail. Zack consistently lends support to fellow employees and clients through his ever - positive, calm, can - do attitude, no matter what is being asked of him or how heavy our workload is. He just keeps moving forward, and that helps those around him to do the same. Over the years, I have watched Zack influence our student employees with his self - motivation, optimism, and willingness to tackle any task with an enviable level of enthusiasm, no matter the day or the week or time of day. What is Zack doing on a Friday afternoon? Unloading a huge pallet of paper, organizing shelves, catching up on billing. I told you, it's ENVIABLE. These qualities have been so important not only to our success as a team, but also to our student employees, as they learn from him how to be quality employees in a professional workplace.


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