BFA Nomination Booklet 2020


Barbara Hodges, Human Resources Barbara has done an amazing job tracking all of the constantly changing rules regarding Washington Paid Family Medical Leave over the last year and as it has been implemented this January. She is happy to meet with all staff members to share her knowledge of the program and keep them updated as the State continues to define/modify the program on a monthly and even weekly basis. I am so impressed with her ability to succinctly summarize the information employees need to know and direct their additional inquiries to the right places. This is a very complicated program that will continue to be in flux as the Employment Security Department works out the kinks over the next couple of years. Barbara has been amazing at going with the flow and learning everything she can about the program and how it will affect CWU employees. Great job, Barbara! Carolyn Montgomery, Contracts & Purchasing Carolyn is organized, helpful and thorough in all she does. She is always willing to lend a hand, stop and explain important contract pieces and investigate questions. Carolyn is one of the most helpful staff persons I have encountered here at CWU. Jennifer Ford, Human Resources Jennifer Ford has been such a pleasure to work with and has taken the time to teach me many new things in our system. She is nothing but patient and even when her workload is brimming over, she always makes time to answer questions I have, shows me a quicker way of doing things or a place to find specialized information that makes the workflow more effective. She has a way of letting me know when a correction is needed and explains why so that I can learn moving forward. I enjoy working with her and want her to know that she is appreciated. Thank you for all that you do!


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