BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Joel Klucking, Vice President ’ s Office Joel is the Wildcat Way personified. He personally introduced himself to me when I was a new employee and always offers a greeting in passing. He encourages staff to participate and share ideas to improve the university experience for all of our community members. He explains complex financial concepts in language that lay people can understand. He is direct and honest, and comfortable with saying 'I don't know' rather than speaking jargon or talking around a subject. He introduces progressive ideas and goals, and promotes health and happiness not just the financial bottom line. He is responsive to all of our needs, sometimes before we even realize that we have the need. His calm, kind demeanor shines through, as does his sharp intellect. His enthusiasm for his work illustrates his pride in CWU. I feel very fortunate to work in the division, and lucky to have the opportunity to observe and learn from Joel, even at my non - supervisory level. Welcoming / Inclusive / Knowledgeable / Responsive / Proud Kerrie Nelson, Business Services Kerrie Nelson demonstrates her ability to be WELCOMING on a daily basis and her willingness to always guide and help others is genuine. She is a PROUD Wildcat that appreciates students, employees and her job. The respect and kindness that she demonstrates towards others is refreshing and is often noticed and commented on by others. She demonstrates ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication. Kerrie's KNOWLEDGE of records management has made her the resident expert. She embraces all of her responsibilities and is always willing to step - in and guide departments through records management pitfalls across our


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