BFA Nomination Booklet 2020

Three - Category Nominations

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Kim Horner, Contracts & Purchasing

Kim is very welcoming to new team members and makes sure that everyone has the tools to perform their job. She keeps her direct reports informed and responds to all requests, and in a timely manner. She treats everyone respectfully. She gives very clear directions and valuable feedback. She is consistent, calm, dependable and kind, and she'll do whatever is within her power on behalf of her staff.

Welcoming / Inclusive / Responsive Suzy Goeden, Accounting & Financial Services

Suzy is amazing. She coordinates all our meetings, keeps us up to date on what's going on, is welcoming to anyone who comes to the floor (or is in the zoom these days...) and tries to include everyone in things that she helps plan for the depart- ment. She always has a smile and something nice to say, even if it has to be said via e - mail or messenger these days. She keeps our groups moving forward and allows us to focus on the project or topic at hand, knowing that she will have already taken care of the logistical and administrative needs. Overall Suzy is one of the best administrative assistants I have worked with over the years at CWU. She is always willing to drop everything to help out when some- thing comes up, whether it's someone new to the floor, or having to arrange meeting space for larger regional meetings or gathering our group for a local zoom meeting to discuss things.


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