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When Therapy Comes on 4 Paws

9 LIVES OF LOVE The Healing Power of Therapy Cats

While dogs are considered the go-to therapy animal, cat lovers will vouch for how quickly a sweet kitty can brighten your mood. Pet Partners, a therapy animal certification program, offers felines the opportunity to use their powers for good. In nursing homes, cats have been shown to help seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia recall happy memories. Kitty volunteers in psychiatric wards and hospitals help patients relax in stressful environments. There are many accounts of friendly cats providing invaluable support to autistic children. One such child is Richard Manerling, who, at 4 years old, was still nonverbal. Richard’s father hoped a therapy animal would help the boy come out of his shell, but Richard showed no interest in the dogs at their local animal shelter. As the family walked past the cat room, Richard pointed to a black-and-white tuxedo feline and declared, “Cat!” From the first day the new family member, later named Clover, came home, Richard could be heard practicing conversations with his new friend. Cats continued to aid Richard throughout his life. Today, Richard attends college and majors in art. While Clover passed on many years ago, two new cats, Linus and Melody, follow in

Clover’s pawsteps. Richard’s family credits the loving felines in their lives with helping Richard through hard times and teaching him to not be ashamed of his autism. Not every cat is suited to take on the responsibility of being a therapy animal. A cat must be affectionate, comfortable around new people and other animals, unaffected by loud noises, and relaxed in unfamiliar environments. Does your feline have what it takes to be a therapy cat? Visit to learn more about the program and find out how you and your cat can register today.


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