Fuels Statistics 2023

Renewable fuels by type, 2021


Bio Petrol, 61.72

Biobutane, 0.11

Million litres

Avtur (renewable), 18.54

MTBE (renewable portion), 1.06 Off road biodiesel, 91.68 Pure bio oil, 2.64

Biodiesel ME, 1239.59

HVO, 63.05

Methanol (bio), 52.88

Biomethane (liquified), 56.27 Biopropane, 64.23 Diesel (origin Bio), 21.26

Bioethanol, 808.62

Biomethane (compressed), 56.60

Source: DfT

Since 2020, bioethanol has increased its renewable fuel market share following the introduction of the higher E10 petrol as the standard (premium) grade of petrol in the UK (NI was introduced in 2022). Biodiesel ME (also referred to as fatty acid methyl esters) and bioethanol made up 49% and 32% of the total share respectively in 2021, compared to 62% and 22% in 2020.


Fuels Statistics 2023

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