Fuels Statistics 2023

Renewable fuel feedstocks, 2021 RENEWABLE FUEL FEEDSTOCKS, 2021

Million litres

Starch slurry (waste) , 140.98

Corn, 421.55

Food waste, 104.20



Organic municipal solid waste, 60.96 Other, 94.80

ii i iii


Wheat, 97.89

Used cooking oil, 1,414.38

i, Tallow = 20 ML. ii, Sewage Sludge = 21 ML v, Sugar beet betaine residue = 48.1 ML vi, Waste pressings from production of vegetable oils = 51.3 ML iv, Sugar cane = 42.2 ML

iii, Palm oil = 40.8 ML

Source: DfT

Current renewable fuels are heavily reliant on used cooking oil feedstocks as these are not limited by the crop cap, and provide “double counting” benefits applied to waste feedstocks where each litre supplied generates 2 credits under the RTFO.


Fuels Statistics 2023

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