Fuels Statistics 2023

Renewable fuel content in UK fue

RENEWABLE FUELS CONTENT IN UK FUELS Double-counted biofuels contribute significantly to Percentage of total fuel volume

10% 12%

the UK Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, with double- counted bioethanol and biodiesel making up 72% of the total biofuel used in 2021. UK suppliers largely met their 2021 obligations through blending and the carry-over of credits from 2019, and 2020 which are permitted under the relevant legislation.

0% 2% 4% 6% 8%

GHG savings from renewable fuels, 2021

2009/10 2011/12 2013/14 2015/16 2017/18 2019 2021 Bioethanol Biodiesel RTFO Target

Source: DfT

GHG SAVINGS FROM RENEWABLE FUELS, 2021 The use of renewable and biofuel in road GHG savings compared to fossil fuel equivalent

0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

transportation significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. GHG savings percentage is calculated by comparing the carbon intensity of the renewable fuel to the carbon intensity of the fossil equivalent if that had been used instead. For comparison, this table uses 83.8 gCO 2 /MJ for fossil fuels.

Source: DfT


Fuels Statistics 2023

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