Privacy breach at Plantagenet health clinic RICHARD MAHONEY

The letter reads, in part, “The Plantagenet Family Health Team considers the confi- dentiality and protection of your personal health information to be of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, despite our ef- forts, precautions and policies, an unau- thorized employee of our Family Health Team consulted your health records. We consider this is a breach of your privacy be- cause the employee was not providing care to you and did not have a reason to look at your record.” Caroline Prévost, executive director of the PFHT, refused to discuss the case. In her letter, she told patients: “Please be reassured that there is no indication your involved in a verbal altercation with a male inside. The altercation resulted in the male being assaulted, police say. Man, woman charged Two people were involved in a domestic “situation” June 8 at a Main Street, Alexan- dria home have been charged by the SD&G O.P.P. detachment. A 21-year-old male and his 20-year-old spouse had become involved in an alterca- tion. The woman also damaged property in the home, police say. He was charged with assault; she was charged with assault and mischief. Both were released to appear in Cornwall court July 9.

personal health information (meaning your OHIP number, diagnosis, test results, clinical notes, address or contact informa- tion) was shared with anyone else. No cop- ies were made. Your health record was not removed from the building. This employee was disciplined and is no longer employed by Plantagenet Family Health Team. Please accept our sincere apology. Let me assure you that Plantagenet Family Health Team has made concrete changes to prevent this from ever happening again.”

Prévost writes that the clinic has since “strengthened our privacy policies, re- trained all our staff to remind everyone of our privacy obligations, improved our confidentiality agreement for an new and existing staff, posted new bilingual pri- vacy publications in our waiting room to ensure all our patients know their privacy rights, contacted the Office of the Informa- tion and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario to notify them of this privacy breach to en- sure all our obligations have been fulfilled.”

PLANTAGENET | A breach of privacy at an area family health clinic has an- gered patients and left them wonder- ing about how much of their personal information has been wrongfully ac- cessed. “We have no way of knowing who has seen our files,” said a patient who con- tacted the Tribune Express after receiv- ing a June 6 notice from the Plantagenet Family Health Team.


ALEXANDRIA | A 33-year-oldNorth Glen- garry man has been charged following a fight in Alexandria June 4. Kevin Van den Oetelaar has been charged with assault and entering a resi- dence to commit an indictable offence. He is scheduled to appear in Alexandria court July 3. The charges were laid when Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry Ontario Pro- vincial Police officers were dispatched to a Gernish Street address. The investiga- tion revealed that a man had become

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