Ramsey Rehab: Avoid Sports Injuries


& Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body August 2017

“Your Goal Should Be To Stay Active and Avoid Injuries!” Whether you just like to play weekend sports, walk for exercise, or are an avid athlete, injuries can happen from time to time. It’s easy to sustain an injury to your muscles, tendons, or ligaments if you do not train properly. At the microscopic level, when muscles, tendons, and ligaments are over-stretched, little tears form in the tissues. Your body normally heals quickly from this. However, the severity of the injury determines how long it will take to fully recover. Sprains and Strains Severe sprains and strains may require braces and even surgery. These can range from mild to severe. Even with mild sprains, the body can take about 6 weeks to heal the soft tissue. That means adequate rest and rehabilitation is needed to fully recover from this type of injury. The recovery from this can be longer, 8 weeks or more, and it is wise to have proper physical therapy rehabilitation to recover. Even old sprains and strains can stay around to haunt you if they have not been properly rehabilitated. If you suffer from aches, pains, or would just like to move better, call Ramsey Rehab today to learn more about how physical therapy can help you LIVE LIFE PAIN FREE!



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