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“Your Goal Should Be To Stay Active and Avoid Injuries!” Whether you just like to play weekend sports, walk for exercise, or are an avid athlete, injuries can happen from time to time. It’s easy to sustain an injury to your muscles, tendons, or ligaments if you do not train properly. At the microscopic level, when muscles, tendons, and ligaments are over-stretched, little tears form in the tissues. Your body normally heals quickly from this. However, the severity of the injury determines how long it will take to fully recover. Sprains and Strains Severe sprains and strains may require braces and even surgery. These can range from mild to severe. Even with mild sprains, the body can take about 6 weeks to heal the soft tissue. That means adequate rest and rehabilitation is needed to fully recover from this type of injury. The recovery from this can be longer, 8 weeks or more, and it is wise to have proper physical therapy rehabilitation to recover. Even old sprains and strains can stay around to haunt you if they have not been properly rehabilitated. If you suffer from aches, pains, or would just like to move better, call Ramsey Rehab today to learn more about how physical therapy can help you LIVE LIFE PAIN FREE!


Strength training Strength training is moving the joints through a range of motion against resistance, requiring the muscles to expend energy and contract forcefully to move the bones. It can be done using various types of resistance, with or without equipment. Strength training should be implemented in the conditioning program of all sports, not just strength sports. The increase in speed, strength, agility, and muscular endurance will benefit athletes of every sport. Strength training has been proven to help prevent injury as well. Hydrate and nutrition Your body is more than 70 percent water and therefore requires water to be supple and function at its best. Without adequate water and nutrition, your body’s tissues are more prone to injury. Stay within your abilities We have all heard of the term “weekend warrior” which means a person that has not prepared their body at all to go out and do extensive sports or activities on the weekend. Typically, this person is more prone to injury, just because they are not prepared. If you have a hard time running, then you wouldn’t go out and do a marathon. Make sure that you train properly and safely for the sport or activity you would like to try. Wear proper equipment Make sure you have the right equipment to prevent injuries when doing activities. Good running shoes, proper hiking boots, helmets, and much more can make the difference when it comes to preventing injury.

Patient Spotlight

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“Thank you for another successful rehab. I am still getting back to full fitness level, but thought you might like this photo from the US National 10K Championship this past Sunday. With me as the insurance runner, my team captured the silver medal in the age 60-69 division.” - Walter

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Take Care of Your Aches and Pains. Before It’s Too Late.


Now Open: Ramsey Rehab now has a location open in Spencer: 369 Main Street, Suite 3.

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Ramsey Rehab Fitchburg (978) 353-0030 Ramsey Rehab Holden (508) 829-3900 Ramsey Rehab Orange (978) 633-4491

Ramsey Rehab Tyngsboro (978) 649-2592 Ramsey Rehab Leominster (978) 466-6677 Ramsey Rehab Spencer (508) 885-0105

BBQ Safely This Summer!

BBQ Accident Statistics • 16,900 people went to emergency rooms because of a BBQ accident in 2012 • 16 percent of home structure fires involving a grill were caused during BBQ ignition because something flammable was too close to the grill • 20 percent of all reported grill fires were a result of leaks or breaks • Gas grills account for more home fires overall than do charcoal grills

BBQ Safety Tips • Grills should be positioned a safe distance away from anything flammable including siding, deck railings, and out from under leaves and branches • When lit, a grill should be kept away from lawn games, play areas and foot traffic • Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from a lit grill • Use long handled grilling tools to keep your hands and arms away from the heat and flames • Clear out grease and fat buildup in trays below grill so it cannot be ignited during cooking • Only use propane and charcoal grills outside Inside they cause both the risk of fire and the inhalation of toxic gases


Why Choose Ramsey Rehab? • Expertly trained therapists

• Focused on achieving fast results • We take the time to listen to you • We spend time educating you on your problem and how to solve it

• Friendly, courteous staff • On time appointments • Doctor recommended

Easy At-Home Exercises To Keep You Moving!

LATERAL STEP DOWN Stand on a box or step. Step down and to the side. Lightly touch the floor with the leg that is off the step. Keep all body weight through the leg that is on the step. Lower down with control. Repeat 10 times.


Helps Improve Balance

“I began coming to Ramsey Rehab, in Holden, following rotator cuff surgery. A few months later, I have completed the therapy required. I have gone from wearing a sling 24/7 to now having complete range of motion. The staff at Ramsey, including Angela, Tia and Lisa, have supported me in many ways aside from the therapy; I made progress after each and every session and, although I have accomplished all of the surgeon’s goals, I will miss coming here! You folks have been GREAT!!!” Jack S. “I made progress after each and every session!” Patient Results

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