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APRIL 2020


for John (and Remi.) We have a team of powerful, tenacious women who are also compassionate, caring, and kind. Across the board, we have very good listeners, which is so important in what we do. We’re a collaborative bunch, a quality that is so constructive to getting things done. I saw a statistic a while back that women make up 30% of all attorneys (and that number is also increasing all the time). In my father-in-law’s law class, there were just a few women. Now, that ratio is getting closer to 50-50. However, there still seems to be some disparity in the personal injury realm, where only 21% of lead counsel attorneys are women.

How are you all holding up? I know this is a very overwhelming, uncertain time. I also know there’s a lot of information to digest and so much to think about just to get through each day. So instead of focusing on more of the same, I want to dedicate this space to talk about someone who was very dear to me and whose wisdom continues to be a guiding light for me through the hardest times. Two Aprils ago, I lost my mom to breast cancer. Going through life without her has been tough, to say the least. Even as an adult, my mom was someone I turned to when I needed a wise word, comfort when I wasn’t feeling well, or a sympathetic ear after a long day. She always had the right words. She had that unique ability to know just what to say in any given moment — she could turn a stranger’s day around with her kind words. She gave gentle wisdom in such a way that it was always well received, and people adored her for this. An artist and a writer, she was also a creative soul. There was always laughter in our house — I have so many memories set to the backdrop of my mom and dad laughing. My mom found a way to infuse humor when we needed it the most.

grace and courage. Even in tough times, she kept an open heart and mind.

My mom was an amazing example of a strong, independent woman for my sister, my nieces, my daughters, and me, as she pursued her master’s degree in a time when she was one of the only women in her class. Because of this, it didn’t feel strange to me to be a woman pursuing a graduate degree. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized this was, for some, a novelty. Her example and the code she lived by paved the way for me to study. Many of the qualities she exhibited are also the same attributes that make a good attorney: collaborative, kind, a good listener, strong, and courageous. Thinking about her and the people who make our firm what it is today, I can’t help but see a connection. I work in a firm made up mostly of women. We have two female attorneys, Melanie and me, and just about everyone else is female, save

That number tells me there’s a lot of room for opportunity.

That’s what I’ve tried to take from every experience I’ve had — every courtroom where someone assumes I’m a clerk rather than an attorney. Melanie and I have had similar experiences in this area, and I think they’ve only made us stronger and better at what we do. I’ve realized you can choose to look at these situations as setbacks or opportunities. I’d much rather choose the latter. Thank you, Mom, for giving me that mindset.

–Hillary Rinehardt

Throughout her life, she faced challenges and shone through them as an example of

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