Victim Impact Statement Booklet

The Physical Impact of the Crime When you or your loved one is injured

If you and/or a family member(s) were injured, describe the treatment and recovery process. Remember to include injuries that may have already healed. • What preparations had to be made for your/their immediate care and your/their after care? • What physical limitations do you/they live with now? • Describe the physical pain involved in getting around and getting to the courthouse. • How much do the physical injuries affect your/their energy level? • How permanent are your/their injuries? • How have these injuries affected your/their ability to work and ability to enjoy life? • List things you/they can no longer do. When a loved one is killed If your loved was killed, describe all of the different ways the crash has impacted your body. How has the crash affected you physically? • Do you experience more frequent headaches? • Have you gained or lost significant weight? • Have you developed stress-related illnesses since the death? • Have you visited a doctor more frequently? • Do you experience pain that you did not suffer before the death?


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