Victim Impact Statement Booklet

The Emotional Impact of the Crime • How do you feel emotionally when you wake up in the morning? • What do you think about? • How often do you cry? Describe the last time you cried. • What do you think about when you go to bed at night? • How difficult is it for you to sleep? How long do you sleep? Do you have nightmares? • About how much of every day do you feel sad? • Do you feel more tired than you did before the crime? • Have you been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other stress-related illness since the crime? • Are you on any medications for those conditions? • Have you considered suicide since the crime? • Have you had difficulties with relationships since the crime? • How has it affected your family life? • Has your view of the world as a safe and fair place changed since the crime? • Has your spirituality changed since the crime? • Have you had difficulty completing day to day activities that are related to circumstances of the crime? If you have children who have been impacted by this crime consider the following questions: • How has your child been emotionally impacted by this crime? • Has your child regressed developmentally as a result of this crime? • How has your child’s school performance changed? • How has your child’s relationship with family members and friends changed? • Has your child required counseling? If so, how has it helped? If not, why not?

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