Victim Impact Statement Booklet

The Financial Impact of the Crime It is also helpful to include some general statements about the financial impact of the crime on your family and/or you in the Victim Impact Statement. Until a drunk driving crash has happened to you, many people don’t know the serious financial ramifications it can have. • If a restitution order isn’t a part of your impact statement, consider listing the amount you have spent on medical care, prescriptions, gas, automobile upkeep for trips to the doctor, rehabilitation, and counseling. • Have you lost income as a result of the crime? • Have you spent money on funeral costs? • Have you had to change households because the crime was so upsetting? Restitution The court may provide you with a form to fill out to specifically list what should be included for restitution. This form may be provided by the prosecutor’s office and can be stapled to your Victim Impact Statement. Below you will find examples of expenses that may be included in a restitution order. • Emergency transportation to the hospital

• Hospital expenses • Physician expenses • Prescriptions • Physical or occupational therapy

• Medical supplies (wheelchairs, ramps, special beds, over-the-counter medications, and treatment supplies) • Replacement of personal health items destroyed such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids • Vehicular damage • Replacement of property in damaged vehicle (luggage, etc.) • Replacement of clothing and personal items • Counseling expenses


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