Victim Impact Statement Booklet

• Lost wages while you were attended to by doctors, dentists, rehab, or other counselors • Travel expenses to doctors, dentists, rehab, or other counselors • Lost wages to attend court-related meetings, hearings, and a trial • Crime scene clean-up

• Repair of damage to the home during the crime • Postage and long-distance phone calls to handle

crime-related business • Crime-related child care • Crime-related elder care • Crime-related disability care

• Photocopying of necessary documents • Notarizing of necessary documents • Anticipated future physical health care • Anticipated future mental/emotional health care • Anticipated future rehab or other therapy • Anticipated loss of wages for future care • Anticipated travel expenses for future care

Remember to only include expenses for which you have not been reimbursed by insurance, Crime Victim Compensation or other financial programs. You will need to provide proof of major expenses (usually through some type of receipt).

Sentencing Requests What do you want to happen to the offender in regards to sentencing? You, as the victim of the crime, are allowed to give input on what you would like to see happen. If you want the offender to go to prison, ask your MADD Victim Advocate or prosecutor for the range of time that corresponds with each conviction. You should consider

What will make you feel safe?

recommending a number of years within that range. If you want the maximum sentence according to the law, you can say that.

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