Victim Impact Statement Booklet

I’m Not a Polished Writer or Speaker: Most attorneys are skilled at presenting eloquent statements. That’s not your job. The goal of your Victim Impact Statement is to help the judge or jury identify with your loss. Your statement helps present you as an ordinary member of the community who did not deserve to be victimized by crime. A handwritten statement is more personal. If you misspell words or your grammar is incorrect, it doesn’t detract from the important points you make about your loss or pain. Judges and juries make some of the same writing errors and are not likely to hold it against you. If you feel that you are unable to address the judge in person, you can provide your statement in written form or ask that someone else be allowed to read it in your place in court. I Am Not Emotionally Ready to Deliver My Statement: You may have concerns or fears about your emotional state as you prepare your Victim Impact Statement or deliver it. These are normal feelings and something to consider. If you are struggling with writing your statement, have someone you are close to that is supportive help you put it together. This person(s) can act as a sounding board and provide emotional support. If you start writing your statement and your feelings are too strong, consider taking a break and coming back

to it later. If you are worried that your emotions will be difficult to control in the courtroom, know that again, this is normal. See if someone can go with you to court to provide emotional support. Remember to take tissues and to take your time.

Receive emotional support.

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