Victim Impact Statement Booklet

The Offender May Retaliate: This may be a reasonable concern, but it is less likely when you limit what you say to your personal reaction to the crime committed against you and/ or your loved one. You will not be repeating evidence already presented in the fact-finding phase of the trial. You will simply state how the crime has affected you and/or your loved ones. People will be less likely to take issue with that perspective. If you are concerned about the offender retaliating, discuss your fears with your MADD Victim Advocate or prosecutor. Together you can decide if it is wise to prepare a statement. Remember: Charges should be filed against any person making a threat against you. If you are concerned for your safety, call your prosecutor or the law enforcement agency where the crime was committed/reported. Steps can be taken to prevent any future threats or violence. This may include getting a protective order against the offender.

It’s Your Choice: Whether you create a Victim Impact Statement or not is completely up to you. Your MADD Victim Advocate will respect and support your decision no matter what choice you make.


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