CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

• Is furthering education in condominium management and the services you provide important? What steps are you taking in that regard? • Are you a professional member of CCI? Do you attend educational events to further educate yourself in condominium management? Do you belong to any other professional organization • What systems do you have in place that allows you to do your job efficiently? • What aspects of condominium management do you find particularly rewarding / challenging? • Describe a conflict you may have had with and owner and how you remedied the situation? • When and how will we meet for Board meetings? • Do you take the minutes at a meeting or is our secretary expected to take the minutes? If you take them, when will we see a copy of the minutes?

• What steps do you to take to create our draft budget? • If we need advice from a professional, which companies do you usually recommend? • What do you see our role is as a board of directors? • How can we support you to do your job? • What is your philosophy in responding to owner concerns? Hiring a manager is one of the most serious duties of a board because of potential consequences. It will likely take some time for everyone to adjust to the decision and to new ways that could occur with a manager taking on some of the heavy lifting in the community. It will take about a year for the manager and your Board to get used to all of the different ‘ seasons ’ associated with your property under new management.

- TK, JD

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 23

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