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Langmatz redesigns optical fibre distribution frame in response to customer requests

and supports the dierent installation stages when fitting micropipes to the ODF. The new version of the ODF is also eight kilogrammes lighter than its predecessor.

ProLabs oers a full suite of compatibility product for network connectivity. With a suite of 100G solutions, Prolabs is able to oer customers complete control over infrastructure development and the ability to increase distance reach and bandwidth while reducing power consumption. The new range of 100G Green transceivers are designed to help reduce power consumption by greater than 30% without compromising performance. In addition, the lower power consumption enables a 40% wider operating range enabling reliable operation from +85°C to -10°C. This provides a great deal of flexibility when used within data centres and closets that have extremely high temperatures, while providing alternatives for outdoor cabinets and network interface devices. Overall, the lower heat dissipation results in higher reliability and longevity. 100G longer reach products allow service providers to utilise their existing fibre networks Partenkirchen-based company promises to build on its past success story, incorporating various customer requests into the redesign. The Langmatz ODF is designed as an above- ground outdoor cabinet for durable and cost-eective optical fibre distribution. The new ODF 2.0 boasts a wide range of features that significantly facilitate and support the various installation steps. The mounting panel for the E&MMS splice cassettes is attached to the inside of the cabinet door. It is no longer necessary for the installer to swivel the splice cassette section (E&MMS) during Langmatz’ optical distribution frame (ODF) EK 245, with which the company has been creating quite a sensation since its launch in 2012. A series of improvements have been made in the current successor, the ODF 2.0, which further simplify the installation and above all, operation of the distribution frame, making it more flexible. With its new model, the Garmisch-

wiring and assembly of the optical fibre connections – he thus has full access to the entire working area. In addition, the door opening angle, extendible from 90 to 130 degrees, eases handling of the optical fibres. Cables are routed between the door and the cabinet interior via a flexible pipe, which securely guides the optical fibre cables from the E&MMS splice cassette area to the cabinet section on the inside of the door. Until now there has been a persistent problem when fixing the pipes to the base plate, in that the usual clamping rings were tricky to fit, however the ODF 2.0 provides a ground-breaking solution. By using fixing lugs for the micropipes, Langmatz is able to provide optimum individual strain relief, guaranteeing secure attachment of the pipes when passing through the base plate. In addition, the Langmatz fixing lugs now enable the pipes to be more easily adjusted during installation. The removable base plate with plastic frame is an additional new feature

Release your 100G potential with ProLabs! to increase their data throughput speeds. Innovations that address the size and power concerns are emerging with PAM4 and coherent technologies. While providing longer vendors. Its products are compatible with over 55 optical switching and transport platforms. It also oers a wide range of fibre patch

cables, fiber multiplexing filters and DAC/AOC, along with a complete line of MPO/MTP fibre patch cables with bendable fiber capabilities, compact high-density filters and complete line of DAC and AOC with custom length, breakout and multi-vendor capabilities.

distances, line side equipment is necessary to address dispersion and amplification. Such solutions are starting to emerge and oer an alternative to existing technologies. The EON-121 is a low power, small footprint 100G transponder. It oers a decentralised xWDM architecture by allowing the units to be placed as close to the source of the client trac as possible. With low power requirements and by enabling the transponders to be placed as close to the trac source as possible, the EON-121 helps to reduce the operational expenses normally

associated with enabling and installing these technologies. ProLabs has a portfolio of over 13,000

optical transceivers to service data rates, wavelengths and OEM


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