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Your Estate Plan Is Unique Just Like You and Your Family

attorneys don’t want to spend the time required to set the perfect plan in place; they just want to fit you in one of the four or five options they’ve already made. I’ve had many people come into my office with plans from previous attorneys that weren’t a good match at all. I always ask my clients about their situation, their goals, and what’s important to them. Usually, we find out that the box they were put into doesn’t do what they want it to, or they don’t understand what it does. It makes my skin crawl when someone tells me they don’t remember how their plan works or why they did it. They just did it because the attorney told them it was the right thing to do. This is why trying to fit someone into a pre- made plan isn’t just silly, it’s downright absurd. This is also why we do the opposite at my firm. We value the “counselor” aspect of “attorney and counselor at law.” I want to work with you to create a plan that is the most beneficial to you. Even when someone comes into our office thinking they know what they want, I want to make sure they know how the plan will be executed in real life. We advise people on different ideas, offer new approaches, and let them know why something will or won’t work with their plan. One thing I see often is that an idea or concept of a plan may sound nice on paper, but it ultimately doesn’t hold up when we try to incorporate it into reality.

One of the things I’ve come across a lot in my office is people wondering why creating an estate plan is such an in-depth process and why it takes longer than a quick phone call. These do-it-yourself websites make estate planning seem as simple as going to the grocery store and picking your favorite plan off of the shelf. To do things right, creating your plan will take more than 20 minutes because my goal is to build the perfect estate plan for you and your family, not to place you in a box. My family is different from your family, and your family is different from the last family who came into my office. No one is the same as another person, and I make sure to create a plan tailored to each individual’s needs. Sadly, in my industry, you see a lot of what I call “assembly line estate planning.” I’ve seen many instances where other attorneys simply place individuals into whichever of the lawyer’s prepackaged plans is the closest to the needs of their client. Think of creating an estate plan like buying a house versus building a house. It really is a matter of asking yourself this question: Would you rather have someone tell you which house they could squeeze you into, or would you want them to say, “Tell me everything on your wish list, and we will build it from the ground up.” A lot of people are done a disservice when they’re placed in these predetermined plans that essentially fit them into a box. Many

I’ve had people come into my office after learning of their neighbors or family members’ plans and say, “I want what they have.”Or, they’ve looked something up online and come in with a certain idea in mind, which, sadly, doesn’t fit in with what their goals actually are. Maybe the article they read didn’t explain one part of a trust particularly well, or their neighbor has a certain plan that works for them but not for anyone else. Or, they don’t realize there’s an even better option for them. It’s because of that process, the process of discovering the best fit for each individual, that creating an estate plan takes more time than some people realize. If we want to make sure you have the most benefits from your plan, then we have to go through it. I have to ask quite a few questions, and it may even take another meeting or two to get it right and ensure you get what’s perfect for your loved ones, assets, and everything else after you’re gone. It’s not always just putting you in door No. 1 or door No. 3 — that’s never good enough. It’s about finding what’s best for you.

We do our absolute best to give your family our undivided attention when we are working with you. In order to provide the best service and highest quality work to your family, Mr. Rosenbauer does not answer incoming calls, emails, or walk-ins while he is meeting with your family or drafting your estate plan (excluding emergencies). However, we do our best to respond to phone calls and emails promptly. If you need to visit or speak with Mr. Rosenbauer regarding your estate, please call the office to schedule an appointment or a phone conference. That way, we can reserve your spot on our calendar and make sure you receive the attention that you deserve. Communication Policy

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