Rosenbauer Law Office - May 2020

been a number of changes to how the probate process is handled. Most notably, many of our local probate courts are no longer accepting walk-ins or in-person meetings. This is important because many of the steps within the probate process require paperwork and other documentation to be hand-delivered to the probate clerk’s office. This has caused confusion, chaos, and lengthy delays for all phases of the probate case. Second, as a safety precaution, many probate offices have required all incoming mail be placed in quarantine for a minimum of two weeks before being opened. This has caused even longer delays for all paperwork and forms that are normally submitted through ordinary mail. Also, since courts are no longer accepting walk-in paperwork, even more paperwork is being processed through the mail. This is causing many judges to issue citations for paperwork being late (or missing), even though it is sitting in the mailroom under quarantine! If you are involved in a probate case right now, then please know that we are doing everything we can to help expedite the process and guide our clients through these uncertain times. If you have a question regarding your case, then please reach out to attorney Nick Rosenbauer at 513-463-6789 .

about how to make sure their loved ones are protected, we have added a new tool to make it easier to speak with your attorney. We have added a new button on our website to schedule a call with attorney Nick Rosenbauer that links directly to Nick’s calendar. You can pick the day and time that is most convenient for you, and it will immediately block that time off on Nick’s calendar. That way, we can make sure your questions are answered without interruptions during your scheduled call. Please visit our website today to arrange for a time to talk with attorney Nick Rosenbauer.

An Update From Our Probate Practice

Many of our clients know that we do our very best to help our clients minimize and/or avoid the lengthy, expensive, tedious probate process as much as humanly possible. This is one of the most important concerns many of our clients have when they come into our office. No one likes the government getting involved in family business after someone passes away. Obviously, as a part of our practice, we do handle probates for families that need help. As the COVID-19 crisis impacts our community, there have


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