MAGALOG21 (2021)

to get back to creating joy, laughter and new divers.We have been busy creating some amazing and joyous underwater escapes from your complex daily adventure called life. Take a breath It’s time to let the healing ocean waters soothe us with that deep meditative peace that only divers can know.To take a deep breath and linger in the blue.To see the sun’s dancing lights shimmering on the ocean surface at sunrise and sunset.To watch playful dolphins chasing the waves off the bow of your dive boat as you propel ahead to the next dive site. To simply giant stride into the ocean with ease. Floating momentarily on the surface in the gently rocking waves that force you to slow down and take a breath.You smile to yourself “oh how I missed this.” You give your buddy the “big okay,” put your reg in, take another breath, exhale, deflate your BC, and slowly sink into the sea.With each dissenting exhale you are leaving all stresses of the past year behind. It’s time to dive again.

anything, it’s how valuable trip insurance and transportation insurance is. Some things will never change According to Scuba Diver magazine Kids Sea Camp is again rated #1 in family dive travel.We are a company with a big heart and soul and very personal.We will always be a dream making happiness bubble for your family.We will meet your expectations and strive to surpass them.We care about your experience and your needs. We pay attention to detail and our commitment to the highest quality and safety standards in the dive industry will never change. Our chosen resorts and dive operators around the world are some of the best kid-friendly, family- friendly resorts in the world.We have personal relationships and bonds with them that cannot be broken and we all grow stronger every year. These simple truths will never change for Kids Sea Camp; love of all families, cherishing the ocean and loving this wonderful planet we all share.

What has changed? But, it’s going to be different now. There may be longer lines and more testing.Yes, there will be masks and not just the ones dive with, but the ones you wear to protect yourself and others from getting sick. You will get familiar with the term“Mask Up” as the dive staff approaches.There will be testing, rules and regulations and a need for more patients. Even those with vaccines will still have to comply with many safety standards.There may still be temperature checks and in some parts of your travels — social distancing.These things may be around for a long time to come.We know you’re tired and frustrated with much of this, but unfortunately, it’s the new normal for now. We have done research during our “dry time” and found some emergency vendors we like, for trip insurance, CFAR and dive insurance.This is just responsible dive travel 101.Don’t travel without insurance. If this past year has taught us 803-419-2556 email:

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