Pay more to play ball in Clarence-Rockland GREGGCHAMBERLAIN and $35. Adult soccer leagues will pay $45 dollars per site for occasional use now with season play rates going to $35 per site for daytime

erating costs for the recreation portion of the community services department’s pro- grams at $73,000 with most of that includ- ing grass mowing and other maintenance work for sports fields and ball diamonds. The revenue estimated with the new sports field user fees is $13,200. For minor sports groups in Clarence- Rockland user fees for ball diamonds and soccer fields will increase from $20 per site for both occasional and season use to $25 per site. The tournament rate will go from $60 for daytime use and $15 for evening play to $70 and $20. For adult ball leagues the rates for occa- sional and season use will increase from $35 and $30 per site to $40 and $35. Tournament events will go from $135 for daytime play and $35 for evenings to $140

use and $40 for evening matches. The tour- nament user rate will increase to $140 for both days and evenings combined and $40 for just evening play.

ROCKLAND | Ball teams and soccer clubs will have to dig into their pockets for more money to use municipal playing fields in the City of Clarence-Rockland. Council has accepted recommendations from the community services department for an increase to the sports field user rates this year. The decision matches a recent de- cision to increase ice rink fees. The main reason given for the increase is to either reduce the municipality’s opera- tion costs for maintaining playing field or at least keep the city’s share at current levels. The 2013 municipal budget projects op-

ROCKLAND | The cost of childcare will cost a little more this year for working parents. Clarence-Rockland council has approved a small increase in the fees charged for mu- nicipal daycare programs. The main reason for the increase is to keep pace with a two- per cent increase for staff salaries and bene- fits included in the 2013 municipal budget. The fee increases take effect in April. For toddlers, the daily rate will increase from the Daycare fees go up

current $38.40 to $39.55. The pre-schooler rate goes from $38 to $39.15 while the rate for school age children under supervision until their parents collect them goes from $18.10 to $18.65. For school-age children under full-time care the rate will go from $25.50 to $26.30. The city’s daycare program get 93 per cent of their operations funding from user fees.

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