Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Drive Sprocket Maintenance

5. s n Saw chain tension is especially important when the chainsaw is tipped on its side during felling cuts. Loose saw chain (and rim-type drive sprocket, if used), will slide down and out of alignment with the guide bar. Loose saw chain tension is the leading cause of drive sprocket problems.

Note: If your chainsaw has a saw chain brake, check the saw chain brake’s action according to the instructions in your chainsaw operator’s manual. Be sure the saw chain brake strap around your clutch skirt is not too tight, which can lead to clutch drum overheating and failure. 6. l Clean any build-up of sap or debris from splined hub so rim drive sprocket can float freely. 7. u Do not run old saw chain on a new drive sprocket,

or a new saw chain on an old drive sprocket*. Use two new saw chains in rotation with each new drive sprocket so all can wear together. Replace drive sprocket every two saw chains, or sooner.





8. u Apply clean lithium-based grease to the clutch drum’s bearings each time the drive sprocket is removed.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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