Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

5. With either type of guide bar, hold the nose up and tighten your chainsaw’s rear guide bar mounting nut first, then tighten the front nut.

6. Pull the saw chain by hand along the top of the guide bar several times, from the engine to the guide bar’s tip. Saw chain should feel snug but still pull freely.

Note: If you have a sprocket-nose guide bar you should now perform the snap test. Grasp the saw chain along the bottom of the guide bar, pull down, and let go. Saw chain should snap back to its original position, solidly contacting the bottom of the guide bar.

7. Check tension often during operation, especially during the first half-hour. If saw chain loosens: stop, let your chainsaw cool, and readjust tension.

How to Sharpen Cutters

Read "Operation & Handling Care" on page 20

Note: • On-chainsaw sharpening requires proper saw chain tension. • See "Filing Angles" on page 30 for the correct maintenance specifications for each Oregon saw chain. • To find your Oregon saw chain type, use the "Saw Chain Drive Link Number Identification" on page 48 • If unsure of your saw chain’s type, part number or filing specification, ask your Oregon saw chain dealer. • Check and adjust depth gauges.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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