Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

Round-File Cutter Sharpening 1. Be sure 1/5th, or 20%,


= 1/5th or 20% above top plate

of the file’s diameter is always held above the cutter’s top plate. Using the correct file guide is the easiest way to hold the file in this position. 2. Keep the correct Top-Plate Filing Angle line on your file guide parallel with your saw chain.

Direction of stroke

File holder

3. Sharpen cutters on one side of the saw chain first. File from the inside of each cutter to the outside. Then turn your chainsaw around and repeat the process for cutters on the other side of the saw chain.



4. If damage is present on the chrome surface of top plates or side plates, file back until such damage is removed. 5. Keep all cutter lengths equal.






6. Recheck depth gauges. If resetting of the depth gauges is necessary. See "How to Set Depth Gauges" on page 25. Note: Do not file or alter the tops of kickback-reducing bumper tie-straps or bumper drive links.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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