Oregon Maintenance and Safety Manual, MMANUAL-EN AB

Saw Chain Maintenance

How to Set Depth Gauges

Read "Operation & Handling Care" on page 20

Note: • On-chainsaw depth gauge setting requires proper saw chain tension ("How to Tension your Saw Chain" on page 22) prior to filing.

• "Filing Angles" on page 30 (column D) shows the correct depth gauge setting for each of the different saw chain types. • To find your Oregon ® saw chain type, use the Saw Chain Identification Chart on pages 47–55. • If unsure of your saw chain’s type or part number, ask your Oregon saw chain dealer. • Most Oregon saw chains have

a number stamped on each depth gauge indicating the correct depth gauge setting.

Example: 025" .025" (0.64 mm) Depth Gauge Setting

1. Use a depth gauge tool with the correct built-in setting for your saw chain and check your depth gauges every three or four sharpenings. 2. Place the tool on top of your saw chain so one depth gauge protrudes through the slot in the tool. 3. If the depth gauge extends above the slot, file the depth gauge down level with the top of the tool using a flat file. Never file the depth gauge down enough to exceed the depth gauge setting specified in this manual for your Oregon saw chain.


Safety & Maintenance Manual

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