2021 Gold Nugget Awards Winners Book




MOMA: Soochow Birthmark Suzhou, China Builder: ZHONGDA CONSTRUCTION Developer: MOMA Architect/Designer: HZS Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Planner: HZS Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Landscape Design: L&A Design Civil Engineer: ARTS GROUP Interior Designer: G-art Interior Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Photographer: Kun Zhang

Judges comments: Projects need to stand out from the rest of the competition and “The Home for Martial Arts” does just that. This infill residential project is a four (4) story home consisting of modern living areas on three (3) levels and the roof top designed as a place for Grandpa to practice martial arts and boxing. Judges were immediately drawn to the architect’s use of, “Mortise – Tenon”. An ancient construction method adjoining pieces of wood mainly connecting at right angles. With the advances in building technology and the Mortise – Tenon technique rarely being used, the architect used it more as a cultural symbol. This played a key part in developing the skeleton or framework of the entire building. Overly impressed by the result of the design and constructions method used, the judges felt this deserved the Grand Award

Acme Mansion Shandong, China

Developer: Zibo Tianyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. Architect/Designer: Shanghai PTArchitects Planner: Shanghai PTArchitects Landscape Design: LANDAU International Design Photographer: 10 studio

GRAND AWARD The Home for Martial Arts Tanzhou Village, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China Architect/Designer: Ming Leung

Interior Designer: Ming Leung Photographer: Jianquan Wu

The Longwan Graden of Glory, Nanjing Nanjing, China Developer: Zhongye Group Architect/Designer: Peng Shen, Jing Yan, Lan Guo, Peter Li,

Yunfei Ding, Yang Cao, Xiaolin Li, Jiahua Lai, Weixun Hao, Rensi Shen



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