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The design consultants at the KOHLER ® Signature Store will work with your clients to pick the perfect products, colors, materials, finishes, and technologies that will have your designs bursting with joy.

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On the cover: The Kohler Briolette basin in Sapphire. 4 RAW MATERIALS The perfect picks for a springtime refresh. 12 MEET THE DESIGNERS How Pasquina Regina felt on a Maui mountain. 14 MIX MESSAGE A Miami collab that crosses cultures. 16 VIVID MEMORIES Kohler revives retired colors in celebration. 18 RESTRAINED RENO Sophisitication is the aim at this stately home.

Kohler’s Cairn


utility sink transforms the laundry.

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THE SIMPLICE COLLECTION Taking its cues from the French torchiere designs that first gained popularity beginning in the 17th century, Simplice adds a touch of refinement no matter the setting. The collection is currently available in four finishes – Polished Chrome, Moderne Brushed Gold, Brushed, Nickel, and Matte Black – and includes an offering of kitchen & bathroom faucets, lighting, and accessories.



The Ann Sacks Liason collection by Kelly Wearstler welcomes new patterns to excite any space, such as this dynamic Tuxedo Check.

The Kallista Central Park West collection— featuring flourishes like knurling and fluting—is as

distinctive as the NYC architecture that inspired it.

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Kallista Per Se shower fixtures are radiant in their recently released Brushed French Gold finish.

Simplice from Kohler Lighting features elegant, traditional gestures that complement the bath and kitchen fixtures that share its name.


The Kohler Briolee sink offers a faceted shape that calls to mind gemstones.

The Kohler Cairn utility sink resists stains while helping you pretreat yours.

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With heated seat, automatic lid, and bidet, the Kohler Innate intelligent toilet intuits the user’s needs.

SWAY controls beautifully adjust the brightness and color temperature of Robern lighting.

The Kohler Numi 2.0 has all the bells and whistles—including smart speakers and a light show.

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The Robern M Series Reserve raises the bar for luxury bath storage with options including an automatic defogger.

The Kohler Rival faucet collection feautures a range of shapes to fit any kitchen or bath.

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908.280.1316 | 560 Central Avenue, New Providence NJ 07974 | Please call for an appointment. DESIGN•TEXTILES•HOMEWARE CWI DESIGN


Named after a seaside town in Portugal, the Kallista One Nazaré shower system achieves elegance through simplicity of form.

Honesty sconces from Kohler deliver midcentury modern chicness.

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THE ARGILE CAPSULE COLLECTION Pronounced ar-geel, the new capsule collection brings an artful sensibility to the bathing space. With a sculpted, undulating exterior, the freestanding bathtub and decorative vessel sink embody a handcrafted aesthetic that resembles wood cuts and tooled clay. Available exclusively in KALLISTA® Honed White, a new matte nish with the natural appeal of honed stone..


on what I’m making, which helps me detach from the stress of the day. Is there a design upgrade you’d love to make in your own home? I’d love to take a few days and declut- ter: remove all those things that don’t work for me anymore and keep only those that do. Is there an iconic building you’d like to visit? I’d like to spend more time in south- ern Italy. One of my bucket list places is Ristorante Grotta Palazzese. It’s a restaurant built high into the side of a mountain overlooking the Adriatic Sea. You can have a majestic view of the sea while dining on grilled octopus. Is there a skill that you wish you had? I would love to learn how to make furni- ture out of reclaimed wood. I watch so many great projects online; the inspira- tion is there; now I have to find the time. Do you believe in spring cleaning? I’m a big advocate of spring cleaning. However, it should be spring/fall clean- ing. Clothing is on top of the list. Passing on gently used clothing is a gratifying way to do so. ■

Is there a TV show with design that you love? I’m obsessed with the television series Yellowstone right now. I love the land- scape, the mountains, and meadows. The rustic textures and materials used are warm and cozy, while the landscape adds an element of grandeur. If you were a color, what color would you be? I’ve always loved the color red. It has a big personality with a lot to say. Not the easiest color to work into a bathroom scheme, but it can make a great splash in the right space. Is there a type of design project you’d like to do more of? Mostly I find myself working on multi- bathroom, single-family homes. I enjoy it because every home is different. However, I’d love to work on restaurant and other commercial projects because they are out of my wheelhouse, and I enjoy learning. How do you unwind when you’re feel- ing stressed out? I enjoy making things, whether that means dinner for my family or a bowl on my pottery wheel. The focus stays


How would you describe your person- al design style? I would consider myself organic, a bit urban, and very eclectic. What inspires you? Nature inspires me every day. While in Maui, I was able to stand on the top of Haleakalā mountain—10,000 feet above sea level—at day break. It was unforget- tably inspiring.

Montavilla, an exceptionally durable new porcelain collection in a palette of neutral tones.

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T he Monogram Statement Collection



Available at



Each chamber featured custom Kohler WasteLAB tiles embodying a hammam’s aesthetic.


D esign Miami/ bills itself as a global fo- rum for collectible design. So it was an ideal place for Kohler to partner with a designer who grew up in Japan, studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, lives and works in Beirut, and has dedicated her career to traveling the world, seeking connection be- tween cultures: Nada Debs. Debs’ work spans media inclusing design, craft, art, fashion, interiors—and in the case of last year’s Design Miami/ event, the cre- ation of a custom hammam. The project was called Transcendence, and its intention was to pay homage to values like cultural inclusivity and environmental sustainability. Debs worked with sustainable tiles from Kohler WasteLAB, which were handcrafted exclusive- ly for the installation. WasteLAB’s objective is to T E X T STEWART KELLER

reconceive how we approach waste by engaging in sustainable manufacturing processes and finding value in landfill-bound materials. “At Kohler, we have a great passion for exploring the nexus between design and environmental sustainability,” says Laura Kohler, chief sustainability and DEI officer for Kohler Co. “Partnering with Nada helps to bring critical conversations about sustainability, cultural inclusion and well-being to the forefront of the Design Miami/ audience and community at large, while also show- casing what we can achieve with sustainable design.” Traditionally, a hammam is a kind of bathhouse with origins in the Muslim world. And while visitors to this particular hammam may have not had the opportunity to take a steam bath, they did leave rejuvenated by both its beauty and what it can teach about the possibilities of sustainable design. Even

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the arch patterns found on the WasteLAB tile are both a culturally appropriate to a more traditional hammam setting and a metaphor for the process of waste material being reborn with new purpose. Some visitors may have experienced the three-room immersive installation primarily as a place of beauty and respite: some- where to pause amidst the Design Miami/ bustle. Others had the chance to dig deeper by attending a discussion with Debs, Laura Kohler, and Design Miami/ curatorial director MC Didero, who explored how such collabo- rations can address societal shifts and lead to more sustainable designs. “Having the opportunity to design a modern hammam at Design Miami/ truly embodies the sentiment that well-being transcends all culture,” says Nada Debs. “I am excited to offer such a unique experience to the industry.” To learn more about Kohler’s collabora- tions and presence at events such as Design Miami/, visit ■

Nada Debs poses in one of the chambers of the modern hammam.

The tiles utilized Kohler manufacturing waste. PHOTOS COURTESY KOHLER CO.

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Pink Champagne, one of the colorful nominees from the Kohler archives, exploded onto the scene in 1973.

VIVID MEMORIES F ounded in 1873, Kohler is celebrating its 150th an- niversary with a yearlong celebration. One aspect highlighting the company’s longstanding love of color looked to the archives to revive a retired favorite. The six contenders included minty Spring HOW TWO RETIRED FAVORITES RETURNED T E X T STEWART KELLER

Green, bubbly Pink Champagne, lovely Lavender, pretty Peachblow, and oh-so-70s Avocado. Each was chosen for for its representation of an exciting part of Kohler’s proud history of moving America away from utilitarian white fixtures and toward a more colorful world—all while still feeling au courant. The two winning colors will become available to the Kohler-loving public in a wide variety of pieces. Among them will be the Memoirs two-piece toilet and the one-piece San Souci. For the bath, the colors will appear on the Memoirs pedestal and Vox vessel sinks. And they will be smart con- trasts with the white interiors of the Artifacts bath and the

Each Kohler color up for revival had seen previous days in the sun.

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Peachblow blossomed from 1934 to 1973.

Avocado was a pick from 1967 to 1979.

Spring Green was fresh from 1927 to 1944.

Farmstead kitchen sink. Kohler invited color-lovers to vote for their favorite on the company’s website. And they in- formed people via social media, special events at the Kohler Experience Center, and even a Heritage Colors pop-up truck that treated the public to chocolates wrapped in the con- tending colors and a host of other fun giveaways. Excitement mounted in anticipation of the announce- ment of the two winning colors, which was set to take place at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS to those in the know) in Las Vegas. Designers Jonathan Adler and Justi- na Blakeney were on hand for a special program revealing which would be available for purchase as soon as summer of 2023. And the winners are Peachblow and Spring Green! Kohler’s 150th anniversary celebration will continue. Among the celebrations is Come All Creators, a series of special events that will pay homage to the company’s proud heritage while also looking toward its bright future. Along the way, they will be joined by uniquely creative partners, including colorblind artist Daniel Arsham, Brooklyn-based art collective KidSuper, and renowned polar adventurer Robert Swan. As it marks this momentous milestone, Kohler is a global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of kitchen, bath and other products for the home. To learn more about their continuing celebration, visit ■

Sunrise lit up Kohler from 1953 to 1969.

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The home’s palette begins in the kitchen, where a Kohler sink and both pull-down and food- prep faucets from Rohl , catch the light of ample pendants and beautifully complement the sand- colored quartzite.

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T E X T PAUL HAGEN PHOTOGRAPHY RYAN M C DONALD I t is hard to imagine connecting with a designer more directly than meeting him as his work is being unveiled at a friend’s housewarming party. “We had a pleasant conversation, and they liked what we did,” remembers designer Dan Rak. “Our clients loved the architecture of their house but knew that the finishes were dated and that it required a good deal of work before it would be right for them. They asked what we would do with the house: where we would spend, where we thought we could salvage elements,” he explains. “Once we explained our thinking, they got on board and trusted us completely.” “Context is incredibly important in my work,” Rak explains. “My starting point is always the geography and the architecture.” And although this particular property is a single-family home among high-rises, Rak thinks it’s still a good architectural fit for Chi- cago’s culture-rich River North neighborhood. But he felt the interiors would need a degree of formal- ity to feel consistent with the area’s other high-end residences. “We set out to create a space that was impressive, urban, sophisticated,” Rak explains, “but also a comfortable space for the family to live.” Rak began in the kitchen with a sandy quartz- ite stone—against which elements such as Rohl faucets and a Kohler sink would present a stately shine. Thereafter, a central part of Rak’s task was to carry the energy of these refined colors through- out the home, while also experimenting with the balance of light and dark in each space. “We knew that we needed to exercise restraint in the selec- tions in order to achieve the tailored, sophisticated feel that the architecture required,” Rak explains. The home’s sophisticated palette ultimate-

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ly came to incorporate refined blues and chocolate browns, providing thoughtful contrast to creamier tones throughout. “I’m really big on a sense of cohesion when it comes to a house,” says Rak. “I’m not a fan of moments where it feels like you’ve gone through the looking glass.” So, for example, one will not find a wild contrast between the kitchen dining area and the more formal dining room. “The distinction is subtle,” Rak points out. “We allowed the color in the breakfast room to be a bit more saturated than the color in the dining room.” The latter seems set up to function flawlessly, uncluttered by much more than table, chairs, and a banquette—but offers richness via a patterned wallcov- ering and painted recessed ceiling. The living room is similarly stately. Crisp white

shades crown substantial table lamps, which stand sentinel above a sofa and chairs in beige, brown, and blue. “The armchair that sits in the living room, with its back to the foyer, is an absolute favorite,” say Rak. “We didn’t want the overall feel of the house to feel stodgy or traditional. Including this contemporary piece helped set the tone from the start.” Meanwhile, there were ghosts of design past to be banished in the primary bath. “When we started, there was a large glass-block window at the center of the room where the vanity is now,” remembers Rak. “It felt anything but luxurious.” So, the team separated the windows to create space for the client’s makeup table, and used materials with depth and texture to empha- size a sense of luxury—including luxe Rohl fixtures in

Balancing the formality of this dining room with less formal areas took editing to ensure

subtle contrasts, according to Rak.

20 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

“While the architecture and interiors are formal,” says Rak, “it’s not your grandmother’s house.”

the vanity and shower. Creamy beiges and rich browns continue in the primary bed- room, which features one of the home’s most prominent pieces of art above a small sitting area opposite the bed. “The client came with their art collection,” Rak explains. However, he notes, “for a house of this size, there were relatively few open walls where art could be incorporated.” In contrast, the secondary bath was desig- nated for the clients’ son. “We wanted it to be a be a bit more relaxed and kid-friendly,” says Rak. So where the designer opted for marble and natural stone in the primary bath, this bath uses more forgiving materials such as ce- ramic tile and quartz—not to mention durable Kohler for the sink and tub. However, it is in the powder room where Rak had, in his words, “a lot of fun.” He liked

that the wallpaper still felt formal but loved the squirrels hidden throughout the design, a perfect touch for the animal-loving homeown- ers. “We tried to include some elements that showed that we—and our clients—don’t take ourselves too seriously,” says Rak. The room also features sconces from Hudson Valley, a Rohl faucet, and undermount Kohler sink. Another space where the walls offer an air of drama is the office. Picture frame moldings make their deep color feel even more dignified. Plus, with careful planning, Rak was able to make space for both a substantial desk and a meeting area with a table with multiple chairs. “Fortunately, the raised ceilings helped the room to feel larger,” says Rak, “and allowed us to use more furniture than we might have been able to use with a lower ceiling.” So what are the takeaways from Rak’s

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS


transformation? “To me everything comes down to a strong edit and excellent tailoring,” he reveals. “You can pull together a collection of individually beautiful items, but if they don’t complement each other or aren’t the right scale, something will feel off. Accepting that something just doesn’t work, no matter how much you love it, is required for a successful outcome,” he explains. But whether considering color, carpeting or couches, how does one know if something is work- ing? “I’m big on trusting my instincts,” says Rak. “Sometimes it’s difficult to articulate why I think something will or won’t work.” But establishing a good relationship with homeowners helps them

understand when it’s time to go with Rak’s gut. “Good clients are great about trusting that feeling, and they get the best results.” Rak says he is “so happy” with the finished results of the overall project and that the outcome very much resonates with his personal aesthetic. “It’s sharp, sophisticated and entirely tailored— with a bit of levity sprinkled throughout the house to ensure we’re not taking ourselves too seriously,” he explains. “The client is thrilled with the results. It’s a space that feels reflective of themselves, and I think they’re proud to call it home.” See more of this designer’s work by visiting online at ■

The primary bath’s luxe shower package is by Rohl .

Rohl also provided the vanity fixtures and tub filler.

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Powder room sconces by Hudson Valley , sink by Kohler , and faucet by Rohl .

Relaxing shades of beige, brown, and gray create calm in the bedroom.

“We started with the layout,” says Rak of the office, “then needed to source pieces that could fit within the floor plan.”


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