Law Office of Driggs Bills & Day - September 2018

September 2018

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As anybody who knows me will tell you, I’ve always had a competitive streak. It’s a quality that makes for a solid litigator; I’m always trying to outwork and outsmart the opposition. But when representing my clients — who invariably have gotten the short end of the stick and are struggling to get back on their feet — I’m not fighting for them for the sake of my competitive ego. Winning the case and securing every cent of compensation my clients deserve isn’t a game; it’s a responsibility we have to the people we serve and a moral obligation to do everything we can to help them return to their normal lives and focus on recovery. In the past few months, I’ve continued to work on the front lines, handling the prickly cases in our firm that head into litigation, but I’ve also taken on some work that’s a bit outside my wheelhouse. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time helping our mass tort clients, working to help those groups of individuals who have been wronged by massive corporations and are seeking justice. The facts and details of these mass tort cases are quite different from the patterns I face in my everyday litigation work, but it’s still about helping our clients out of the difficult circumstance they’ve found themselves in at no fault of their own. Lately, our focus has been on women who, after receiving vaginal mesh implants to treat urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, suffered a number of adverse and sometimes life-threatening injuries as a result of the devices. Due to the neglect of the massive corporations that produced these devices, the lives of many of these women have been turned upside down.

I’ve been meeting people from all over the country to take depositions, listen to their stories, and gather information. I want to let them know they’re not alone and that they have an experienced team of attorneys dedicated to achieving the outcomes they deserve. There is an entire community of women who have suffered at the hands of these enormous companies, and it’s been gratifying to work with these women and to offer our support and expertise to even a few of the thousands who have been affected. I’m proud to say I just finished up my second year at the Law Offices of Driggs, Bills, and Day. As always, the firm is constantly looking forward, searching out new ways we can help our clients even more effectively than before. Our move to the new office was part of that effort; it has been absolutely fantastic for our team and the clients who visit us. I finally have a clean, professional space of my own in which to sit down with my clients and discuss their cases. Between the move and my new focus on mass tort lawsuits, it’s been a year of big changes in my life at the firm. But as always, my mission is the same: to do everything within my power to give my clients back their normal, everyday lives, free from the crushing burden of injury. That’s why I come to work each day ready to fight for the wonderful people who depend on us.

–Alan Tucker • 1

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