American Crematory Equipment Catalog

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A-3000 Processing Station • Plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet • 30.5” x 51.5” x 74.5” including drum Includes: • LED Lighted Processing Area • Ventless and dustless filter system with optional ducting to outside air or collection (bag house) • 39” Process and Magnetizing Tray • Twist & lock processing drum • Direct drive process (no belts to change or tighten) • Swivel casters for mobility • Built in storage cabinet for supplies • American Crematory Laser etched logo or optional personalized logo


A-3000 Cremains Processing Station Shown here in “Stamped Stainless”

A-2000 Processor • Mounted on casters for easy movement • Plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet • 16” x “16” x 38” including drum


Gray Zolotone

A-2000-S Ventless Processing Station • Features a built-in fan with replaceable filter • No exterior venting necessary • 30” x 30” x 61”

• Heavy duty stainless steel construction • Requires a 110 volt dual plug outlet with a • 30 amp breaker AMA0004 Ventless Processing Station



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