American Crematory Equipment Catalog

AC-1 Cremator Charger American Crematory’s cremator charger is designed with health and safety in mind to allow for safe, single-person, unassisted operation, while minimizing the risk of physical and repetitive strain injuries. One-of-a-kind docking station provides unique compatibility with your crematorium ensuring optimum, efficient, and safe charging, while reducing operating costs to save you money. The auto charging system’s rapid charge speed also offers improved dignity for the deceased over manual charging. AMA0018 AC-1 Auto Charger FEATURES INCLUDE: • Heavy-Duty Charge - adjustable charge on cases up to 1000 lbs (412kg), including traditional wooden caskets and cardboard varieties • Rapid Charge Speed - adjustable down to 3.5 sec ensuring the cremator door is open for minimum time

Dimensions Length

Base Unit 7’4” (2.24m) Overhang 2’6” (.762m)


2’10” (.863m)


Max 6’8” (2.03m) Min 1’9.5” (.546m)

• Easy-to-use Foot Pedal Locking Brake System - the charger can be locked to the floor for safe, stable charging • Single Operator Use - whereas manual charging can require two technicians, automatic charging requires only one, freeing up staff for other duties • One Charger Suits All - wide lifting range to enable loading and unloading of cremators, coolers, body storage/racking systems, and hearses • Powered Drive System - patented retractable 5th wheel powered drive system with proportional throttle control • Secure Locking System - by the press of a button, the case can be securely locked & unlocked for transportation • Digital Weighing Option - integral weighing device to confirm charging weight to assist with accurate casket location in the cremator, while ensuring the safety of operators and compatibility to cremator ovens • Single & Double Ended Cremators - controlled positioning compatibility of the casket beyond the hopper/cleanout for use with single or double ended cremators • Dual Handset Controls - allows simultaneous use of cremator and charger controls from both sides of the charger • Increased Control - superior positioning of the casket into the cremator, which minimizes process times, reducing energy costs

Drive wheel throttle

Hand-held controls on coiled wire lead

High-capacity battery box

Powered drive wheel motor housing

6” lockable castors

Side handles for easy maneuvering

Anti-slip pads (raises cases off rollers)

Ball bearing free running rollers


Front buffer rollers

Foot operated height adjustment

Anti-slip floor brakes


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