American Crematory Equipment Catalog

Model A-250WH-P “Hot Hearth” Cremation Equipment

The A-250WH-P Pet Cremation System features a larger capacity loading chamber for communal and/or small batch loads. The A-250WH-P is equipped with a secondary cremation chamber burner to insure rapid cremation times and effective cremation of segregated animals. All of the features on the A-250WH-P are designed to insure efficient and reliable operation. The A-250WH-P comes standard with the Trilogy Combustion Control System ensuring pinpoint diagnostics making troubleshooting immediate and accurate. The fuel/oxygen control system provides maximum efficiency and complete combustion of emissions. “Throat Air Control” &“Hearth Air Control” allows the operator the ability to effectively control the cremation process and decrease cremation times.

8’4” (2.5m)

45” (1.02m)

6’8.5” (2.0m)

With the American “Trilogy” Combustion Control System (shown here) you get the advantage of increased fuel efficiency, advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. The “Trilogy” system allows for immediate and accurate troubleshooting, Minimize Downtime

15’8” (4.57m)

5’10” (1.78m) 6’9” (2.06m) with panel

decreasing and/or eliminating costly down time. American Crematory Equipment Company is proud to offer a wide range of operating systems and technology to meet every customer’s needs.


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