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The A200P-HT is the premier cremator for animal aftercare, veterinarians, humane societies and pet cemeteries. This model pet cremator is ideal for entry level, expansion or upgrading to meet your specific needs. The A-200P-HT offers best in class efficiency and the flexibility to perform individual, communal or small to medium batch cremations. The primary feature on the A-200P-HT is “Throat Air” and “Hearth Air” Control. Throat Air allows the operator the ability to effectively control and eliminate stack emissions. Hearth Air allows the operator full control of the primary chamber over fire air which effectively decreases cremation times. Additionally the combustion process is cycled and monitored by automatic temperature and timer controls which ensure fuel efficiency. Model A-200P-HT “Hot Hearth” Cremation Equipment A-150-P Also Available The A-150-P Pet Cremation System is our entry level pet cremation system designed for individual cremations of small to medium animals. The A-150-P provides the best

Removable Door Hood for Installation Needs

8’4” (2.5m)

6’8.5” (2.0m)

40” (1.02m)

14’8” (4.47m)

5’4”(1.63m) 6’3”(1.82m) w/ panel

value, performance and efficiency in its class. For A-150-P specifications and more details please call (800) 396-2254.


A-200P-HT Specifications Length

14’8” with blower (4.47m)


5’4” (1.63m); 6’3” with Panel (1.82m)


8’4” (2.5m)

Door Width

40” (1.02m)

Weight 23,000 Lbs. (10,433 kg) Installation Clearance Required 8’ min. (2.44m) Fuel Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Electrical 220V/60Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Nationally) 240V/50Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Internationally) Maximum Fuel Rating 1.75MMBTU/HR @ 1666 CFH Panel Right, Left or Remote Warranty 2 year “Best in Class” Available in a wide range of colors allowing you or our team to design a comforting setting for your customers. Lease & Finance Options Available Can be Modified to Accept Diesel Oil



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