American Crematory Equipment Catalog

Small Case Pan The American small case pan is made of 10 or 12-gauge stainless steel and equipped with handles on each side for easy positioning. The pan’s compact size allows it to fit in every type of cremation chamber. PTU0004 Small Case Pan (Stainless Steel)

Custom Ash Pans Ash pans are custom made to fit any crematory with a durable stainless steel or black iron construction. We can fit any make or model of cremator. Please specify model of cremator.


Transfer Pan The American transfer pan was designed to place the cremains from the ash pan to the transfer pan for cooling, then to the processor. The unique, light weight, stainless steel pan is easy to handle and is a favorite tool used by our customers.


Transfer Pan Stainless Steel

The American High Temperature Vacuum System is ideal for picking up cremation residue. American High Temperature Vacuum System • Portable with casters for easy movement • Powerful 2 HP motor • 60” aluminum extension with clean-out tools • Heavy duty hose and 30 foot cord

VAC0001 American High Temperature Vacuum System

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