American Crematory Equipment Catalog

Repositioning/Clean-out Tool The American repositioning tool is custom designed for easy positioning and clean-out of remains. This tool has a convenient 45˚ angle for easy usage. Although highly durable, it also helps prevent damage to your hearth because of its light weight construction. ACC0069 Set Screw | ACC0070 Threaded | ACC0071 10 ft. Pole

Clean-Out Block Brush A heavy duty steel clean-out brush designed to prevent damage to your hearth. This custom brush has a 45˚ angle allowing for easy removal of cremated remains. Replacement of worn

bristles is made by removing four screws and placing a new block brush in. ACC0003 Clean-out Block Brush | ACC0005 Wire Replacement Brush

Clean-out Strip Brush The American heavy duty brushes allow you to sweep your cremation chamber with less abrasion to the surfaces of the chamber, increasing the life of your refractory. Available with either a 1/2 inch threaded or 3/4 inch set screw coupling, the brush head connects to 3/4 inch EMT available at your local hardware store. Available in 12 inch or 6 inch width (poles not included).

ACC0036 ACC0038 ACC0040

6” Brush 3/4” Set Screw | ACC0037 6” Brush 1/2” Threaded 12” Brush 3/4” Set Screw | ACC0039 12” Brush 1/2” Threaded

12” Brush with Pole

Hand Magnet A powerful magnet to draw ferrous materials out of the remains prior to processing. Quick release handle to clear material from magnet. ACC0035 Hand Magnet Urn Loader Use this adjustable loading funnel to easily transfer cremated remains into an urn for final disposition. Loading height is adjustable and features a sliding stopper on the funnel neck. PTU0008 Powder Coated Standard Steel PTU0009 Stainless Steel



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