American Crematory Equipment Catalog

Model A-375-S5 “Hot Hearth” Cremation Equipment

The A-375-S5 is our Super Duty Cremator. It features a giant primary chamber and a uniquely designed multi-faceted secondary chamber. The A-375 has a chamber capacity of 1200 lbs. The average cremation time is approximately 70 minutes or less and can perform back to back cremations with no cool down between cremations. This is our most advanced, fully automated model manufactured.

Operating Systems Available: ACS-1 PLC & Touchscreen

9’8” (2.95m)

American Instant Access

7’9” (2.4m)


Guardian D.A.S. Unified Operating System ARIES Operating System

ATTENTION MOST UNITS NEED AN AVERAGE BETWEEN 9FT - 12FT HEIGHT OF SPACE CLEARANCE FOR UNIT INSTALLATION. *For lower clearances units will have to be stripped and re-assembled in the field at an additional expense.

14’3” (4.34m)

9’0” (2.74m)


A-375-S5 Specifications Length 14’3” (4.34m) Width 9’0” (2.74m) Height 9’8” (2.95m) Door Width 45” (1.14m) Weight

42,000 Lbs. (19,051 kg) Installation Clearance Required 8’ min. (2.44m) Fuel Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, 220V/60Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Nationally) 240/480 1 Phase or 3 Phase (Internationally) Maximum Fuel Rating 2.5MMBTU/HR @ 2380 CFH Panel Right, Left or Remote Warranty 2 year “Best in Class” Electrical

Can be Modified to Accept Diesel Oil

Available in a wide range of colors allowing you or our team to design a comforting setting for your customers. Lease & Finance Options Available


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