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Model A-350 “Hot Hearth” Cremation Equipment

The American A-350 is designed for facilities with high volume and production requirements. It implements the Trilogy Combustion System, the most advanced flame safety control in the industry (made by Siemens). The design allows for rapid cremation time of approximately 70-90 minutes or less. The A-350 also has the advantage of many design options to accommodate your specific installation needs. Unique design features available on the A-350 include automatic monitoring combustion control (ensuring maximum efficiency) oversized loading door and the Vortex exhaust stream opacity control system. The A-350 also incorporates a unique ash pan cooling system featuring integrated air jets to reduce the cremated remains cool down time prior to processing.

9’5” (2.74m)


7’6” (2.3m)

Operating Systems Available: ACS-1 PLC & Touchscreen

12’5” (3.78m)

8’0”(2.44m) 9’0”(2.74m) with panel

American Instant Access


Guardian D.A.S. Unified Operating System ARIES Operating System

A-350 Specifications Length

12’5” (3.78m); 14’6” (4.42m) with Blower


8’0” (2.44m); 9’0” (2.74m) with Panel


9’5” (2.74m)

Door Width

45” (1.14m)

Weight 43,000 Lbs. (17,237 kg) Installation Clearance Required 8’ min. (2.44m) Fuel Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Electrical 220V/60Hz/1 Phase or 3 Phase (Nationally) 240/480 1 Phase or 3 Phase (Internationally) Maximum Fuel Rating 2.5MMBTU/HR @2380 CFH Panel Right, Left or Remote Warranty 2 year “Best in Class”

Can be Modified to Accept Diesel Oil

Available in a wide range of colors allowing you or our team to design a comforting setting for your customers. Lease & Finance Options Available



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