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are pure bred and registered. Walynn and his family raise the puppies until they are eight weeks old. He then finds new homes for them. He makes sure the puppiesgotogoodhomes,mostlyplacingthemwith family and friends. Overtheyears,raisingEnglishSpringerSpanielshas grown into a family affair. Most of his family helps takecareofthe littersandmothers.Evenwithallthe long nights, messes to clean up, and chaos, it has allbeenworth it.Walynn’ssonssharethehobbyand have even kept puppies for their own. Pictured are four generations of English Springer Spaniels that Walynn and his family have raised.

Walynn Smith, our physical therapist, is crazy about English Springer Spaniels. He has owned English Springer Spaniels since the 1980s. What started out as simply wanting a family pet, has grown into a puppy frenzy. In the 1990s Walynn and his family decided to start breeding the dogs. The dogs are known to be great hunting dogs, especiallyforhuntingbirds.Theyareeasilyrecognized by their liver-brown and white colors, and drop ears. They can also be tri-colored black, white and tan, which isveryrare.Theyaremedium-sizeddogsthat are loving, gentle and very loyal. So far Walynn has bred six litters, with each litter having from four to seven puppies each, with even a few tri-colored puppies as well. All of the puppies



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