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Patient Success Spotlights

“Motivation After a Total Knee Replacement!”

“Walking On My Own Again!”

“I came into Avenues Therapy Clinic with a fractured leg. I was walking with a walker and not able to do much more than that. I couldn’t bend my knee or do stairs at all. My goal was to be able to walk on my own again. In the past months I have strengthened my leg, my knee is bending, and I am able to tackle the stairs! The walker has also disappeared and was replaced by a cane, and sometimes I don’t even need the cane. My goal was to be able to walk on my own; I do believe we have achieved my goal.” - Freeda H.

“After a 2 year wait, I had a total knee replacement done. Not really knowing what to expect after the procedure I was surprised at how limited my range of motion was. I could barely get in and out of a car, I had to have help putting on and taking off socks. The surgeon that did the procedure was adamant that I get a stationary bike to help with the recovery. Unfortunately, because of the bike I had, I was unable to get the seat high enough to use the first few weeks. I started looking forward to going to physical therapy so I could use the bike. Working with Eric and the rest of the staff gave me the confidence and will to push myself towards recovery. While physical therapy isn’t always pleasant and can cause discomfort and pain, Eric and the staff kept me motivated.Thank you Eric for your patience and expertise, if I need physical therapy in the future you will be my first choice!” - Bill T.

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“I’m feeling 100% better!”

“My primary care physician referred me to physical therapy when I went to him for sciatic discomfort going down my left leg, all the way to my ankle and foot. I walk a lot for my job, 18,000 to 20,000 steps per shift. When I was walking, all felt comfortable, some minor discomfort during this activity, but really pretty good. When I stopped and relaxed for a period of time the ache and sometimes pain would set in, to the point that I couldn’t sit and relax, or even get a good night’s rest. After my first visit to AvenuesTherapy Clinic working with Walynn, I started feeling better, able to sit and rest without pain and discomfort setting in. Walynn worked with me on pelvic core strengthening exercises, which on the surface don’t seem all that hard to do, but I soon learned if done correctly they are strenuous but extremely beneficial in helping me with my problem. In addition to the strengthening exercises, Walynn was able to help me by placing me on a bench that performs traction on my spine. Each session on this machine lasted about 20 minutes, this was also very beneficial to my overall recovery. After 5 weeks of therapy, I’m feeling 100% better! I’m able to sleep comfortably, without rolling over during the night, awakening with that, “I wished I hadn’t just done that” feeling. I’m not hopping up out of my chair after just a few minutes having to stretch out my legs and back, to relieve the discomfort anymore.Thank you to Walynn, Linda and the entire staff at AvenuesTherapy Clinic for helping get me through this issue.” - Dwight H.

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