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H appy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to move forward with a great new year. To start off this year, I am featuring Clay Gardens Place, a local assisted living community. I had the opportunity to interview Sarah Friece, the Executive Director. This facility offers assisted living, respite care, short-term stays, and urgent placement. Sarah provided a wealth of information regarding the facility, including various services and amenities that are available and what to expect if your loved one is contemplating a move from home.

When it comes to fulfilling our dreams, there’s a lot that could distract us from those goals. Unfortunately, for hundreds of thousands of people, 2020 was one large distraction. Over the course of every hardship last year, many people may have lost sight of their dreams. Yet, even if you’ve lost sight of them, I want to encourage you to not give up on the dreams you have. Jan. 13 celebrates Make Your Dreams Come True Day. I know that this holiday might seem like it’s telling people to accomplish their dreams in a day, but that’s not what it stands for. I believe this is a great holiday as it reminds us that our dreams are not only important to us but that we should keep trying to achieve them. It serves as a starting point. As we leave 2020 behind, and look to the future, it’s a perfect time to turn our thoughts to those dreams once again. A dream is an idea — but it can’t stop there. If you have a dream you want to achieve, it’s time to get serious. Doing what you can to make sure your dream becomes a reality might be difficult. Often, it requires the right mindset, determination, and planning to get started, but once you do, you’ll be on the right path to accomplish goals. Even the most difficult dreams can come true by taking these steps. The most important step in accomplishing any dream is to plan. Planning not only gives your dream a more concrete feel but it also allows you to get an idea of how long it will take and what you might need to succeed. Whether that’s taking a vacation to another

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If you have any questions about Clay Gardens Place, please contact Sarah directly at 740-450-2744.

See you next month!

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country, starting up a business, or writing a book, getting that first rough idea will help you in the long run. Even with the pandemic, you can still plan. If you want to travel, now might be the perfect time to start saving, so that when traveling restrictions are lifted, you don’t have to worry about money. To get started, set some time aside to think about what your dreams are and start on a plan. I know that’s easier said than done. I have a hard time getting some free time in my own schedule, but what I’ve found that helps is to actually account for that planning. If you use a scheduling app, or even Google Calendar, to keep your day straight, open it up and find some time where you aren’t so busy. That could be in a week, even two weeks — no matter when that gap in your schedule is, jot down some time so you can plan for your dreams. Even if you can only spend 5–10 minutes on it over several days, it’s still better than no planning at all. The thing about dreams is that they aren’t overnight successes. Dreams like these can happen, but they are very rare. Usually, to accomplish things, it takes time and effort. All dreams can evolve from a figment of an idea and become a reality; all it takes is that first step.

As we enter into 2021, I want to encourage everyone to rekindle their dreams and make them shine.


Many people tackled deep-cleaning projects while spending more time at home last year. If your cleaning spree ended in donating items to a local charity, or if you donated funds to help local organizations supporting pandemic relief, you can look forward to some tax breaks! To feel confident in claiming them, here’s what you need to know about filing your 2020 taxes, including some unique additions from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Itemized vs. Standard Deductions When filing your taxes, you’ll need to first decide whether you want to itemize your deductions or take the standard deduction set by the IRS. Even those who cannot claim other tax credits or breaks qualify for the standard deduction. However, if you do have qualifying deductions and they add up to more than the standard deduction, it’s smarter to itemize your deductions.

Take note that the standard deduction was increased in 2020 because of the CARES Act. In 2019, the standard deduction for a single person was $12,200; in 2020, it’s $12,400. For those who are married and filing jointly, the standard deduction was $24,400 in 2019 and $24,800 in 2020. And the standard deduction for heads of household in 2019 was $18,350 and it’s $18,650 in 2020. Deductible Contributions If you choose to itemize your deductions, almost any gift to a qualified charitable organization can be deducted against your taxable income. It’s very important to keep records of all your contributions. According to the IRS, when donating items to a local charity like the Red Cross or Goodwill, the deductible value equals the fair market value of your items. If you made cash donations in 2020, there is a special rule to be aware of: Donations to public charities are now 100% deductible

instead of 60%. However, this doesn’t apply to private foundations.

An Additional Charitable Deduction if you choose to take the standard deduction rather than itemize deductions on your 2020 tax return, you may qualify for a new dedication courtesy of the CARES Act. If you donated to a qualified charity before Jan. 1, 2021, you can deduct up to $300, for single filers, or $600 per married couple. The CARES Act can save you hundreds of dollars on your 2020 tax return. Use this guide to navigate the upcoming tax season. Happy filing!

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Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce The 4 Best Cooking and Travel Shows

‘Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted’ Want something a little more recent? Hop on Disney+ to watch Chef Gordon Ramsey of “Hell’s Kitchen,” who has seven Michelin stars, leap out of helicopters to take some of the most epic adventures you can imagine — ranging from the icy waters of Alaska to the plains of New Zealand — all while learning to cook local food along the way. The latest two seasons are available right now! ‘Great Chefs of New Orleans’ Whatever your favorite cooking show may be, it was likely influenced by this classic. One of the oldest cooking shows in the U.S., “Great Chefs” has aged like a fine wine. In this series, you’ll meet some of the best chefs in New Orleans and learn how they create and prepare an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Two seasons are available to Amazon Prime members!

Streaming services are booming right now, and there’s no shortage of entertainment between HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and more. But the important question is this: What are the best binge-worthy cooking shows? Here are four streamable culinary shows you’ll love. ‘The Chef Show’ Get cozy at home and turn on Netflix to watch Chef Roy Choi, the man responsible for bringing

the food from the movie “Chef” to life, on “The Chef Show.” You’ll get incredible home- cooking tips while enjoying appearances from your favorite celebrities, like Tom Holland trying oysters for the first time. This show travels all over the world to explore recipes and honor the tradition of sharing good food. Four seasons are out now! ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ If you’re not familiar with the late Anthony Bourdain, you’re missing out on one of the most influential, internationally lauded chefs of the past few decades. “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” one of his longest-running TV shows, filmed 12 seasons over seven years, and all 12 seasons are streaming on HBO Max. The show follows Bourdain as he travels and discovers little-known places in order to celebrate diverse cultures by exploring their food and dining rituals.

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This sweet and spicy rice bowl comes together in just 30 minutes and serves four.



• • • • • • • • • • • • •


1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce 2 tsp light brown sugar

In a small bowl, combine soy sauce, 2 tbsp water, brown sugar, sesame oil, and red pepper flakes. Spray a deep, nonstick skillet with cooking oil and place over high heat. Add the ground beef and cook until browned. Break up the meat with a wooden spoon as it cooks. Add the onion, garlic, and ginger to the meat and cook for 1 minute. Pour sauce over the beef, then cover and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Divide rice evenly into four serving bowls. Top each with scant 2/3 cup beef, cucumber slices, sesame seeds, scallions, and gochujang, to taste.


1 tsp sesame oil

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes 1 lb lean ground beef

1/4 cup yellow onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp fresh ginger, grated 2 tbsp gochujang sauce, or more if desired 3 cups cooked brown rice 1 small cucumber, sliced 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds, plus more for topping






2 scallions, thinly sliced

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3 COOL AIRPORTS THAT WILL LEAVE YOU BEGGING FOR A LAYOVER While travel has been down over the past year, people still have places to be and things to do all over the world. Air travel is still very much alive, and many carriers have adapted to the global situation. While travel numbers may be down, one thing hasn’t changed: Countless travelers still find themselves trapped in airports for hours on end waiting for their next flight. But not every layover is something to bemoan. Take a look at these three airports worth getting stuck in.

Incheon International Airport (ICN) About a 30-minute drive from Seoul, South Korea, ICN has become something of a cultural hub for the nation. If you’re on a long layover, it’s remarkably easy to hop over to Seoul, but if you have a short layover, don’t worry. ICN brings Seoul to you! While you wait for your flight, you can immerse yourself in the local culture by attending a performance or K-pop concert or visiting a museum. If it’s physical activity you’re looking for, play a round of golf at the golf course or go ice skating at the rink! Dubai International Airport (DXB) This airport is one of the biggest and busiest in the world, but it is also one of the most spacious. Many travelers remark upon how open and airy DXB feels. But what really sets this airport apart are the amenities. In short, this place knows rest and relaxation, and they do it in utmost luxury. You’ll find spas, gyms, swimming pools, zen gardens, and more. It also boasts the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi in the world.

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) This airport is packed with restaurants and shops. You’ll find something for every appetite, as SIN offers cuisines from all over the world in one place. But as impressive as the restaurant selection may be, the crown jewel of the airport is the indoor jungle. Here, you’ll find the world’s largest indoor waterfall surrounded by a lush forest. Behold and explore this unique site while you wait for your next flight.

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