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June 2020

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a tough workout suppresses your immune system, making youmore susceptible to illness. However, in recent years, new studies on both mice and humans debunked that theory. In 2014, scientists at Umeå University in Sweden found that elite endurance athletes — the people you’d think would be sick all the time if hard workouts really did reduce immunity—actually took fewer sick days than athletes who exercised less. And in 2005, a study onmice showed that jogging for 30 minutes a day over several weeks made them more likely to survive rodent flu. What’s even more interesting is that according to The New York Times, a 2008 study conducted on mice in Germany suggested that rather than dying off during exercise, immune cells “traveled to the animals’ lungs, guts, and other parts of their bodies potentially most CAN EXERCISE STAVE OFF SICKNESS? Why Your Workout Routine Might Protect You From Infection

How many golf carts have you seen zooming around your neighborhood and even around town? Since the COVID-19 outbreak, golf carts and other utility vehicles are gaining in popularity. Now, what happens when a golf cart accident occurs while it is being driven somewhere other than on its owner’s property?Will auto insurance cover it? How about a homeowner’s policy? Probably not! While a lot depends on the facts of the accident, most auto policies exclude golf carts. Similarly, most homeowner’s policies exclude golf cart accidents occurring away from the insured premises. One simple and surprisingly cheap solution is to ask your insurance agent about adding a golf cart endorsement to your existing homeowner’s policy. Explain to your agent how you use your golf cart and get their suggestions. While on the subject of insurance coverage, make sure to ask your agent about UM (uninsured/underinsured motorist) coverage for your vehicle. Unfortunately, most people don’t have UM coverage or don’t have enough to cover them in the event of a serious accident. If you have any questions on these topics or any other related topics, feel free to call me at: (985) 590-6182.

U nless you’ve been living under a rock since January, you know all about COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus, and the global chaos it has caused, includingmassive quarantines, flight cancellations, andmedical supply shortages. Understandably, people have since picked up new habits to avoid contracting the illness, like washing hands more thoroughly, wearing masks outdoors, and avoiding big crowds. Those are all good precautions, but according to The NewYork Times, there might be another strategy you can employ year-round to boost your immune system: regular exercise. If that surprises you, you’re not alone! Back in the 1980s, misleading research conducted on marathon participants spread the myth that

Wishing you and your family a healthy summer.


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