Perennial spring scam warning

promote a low-cost contract for driveway paving. The key to success with this scam is that the group does a good job at the agreed-on price for their first contract and then uses that example, along with word- of-mouth promotion, to secure more con- tracts in the neighbourhood. The group’s primary targets are older homeowners and retirees. They use aggres- sive sales tactics to get a contract and also get all or most of the contract fee paid in advance. After that they may start their contracted jobs but not finish them or else all the jobs are completed within a very short time but the homeowners soon discover that the work is shoddy and the asphalt materials used may be cheap and prone to cracking and crumbling.

By then the cut-rate contractor crew has moved out of the area and set up opera- tions somewhere else, often using a differ- ent name to make them hard to track. Police urge homeowners to avoid letting anyone pressure them into agreeing to a contract without getting a list of satisfied customers that can be checked for refer- ence. Also get a written estimate for the

proposed job and check that against two or more local contractors for comparison. If anyone feels they are being pressured to sign a contract, they should tell the person to leave the premises. Call the police then and pass on any information noted about the suspect contractor, including a licence plate of the vehicle the person promoting the contract was driving.


With the warm spring weather making its arrival at last many homeowners start thinking about yard work and some out- door home improvement projects. The OPP has issued a warning to watch out for a favourite con routine that always makes its appearance in the spring. This is the cut-rate paving contractor. This scam involves two or more people to provide the appearance of a regular inde- pendent contract paving crew. The lead goes door-to-door in a neigh- bourhood, either presenting flyers or making personal calls on homeowners to

Time for spring cleanup Earth Day may be over but homeowners can still help the environment when they start doing spring cleaning around the yard and inside the house. Every community in Prescott-Russell has

their annual spring cleanup scheduled for either the end of April or some time in May. Call the local municipal office for guidelines about what is allowed to be set on the road- side for collection and disposal at landfills.

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