STRATEGY 69  Land Investing Facts

How an invaluable resource can alter your REI perspective by Erika Bensen

74  Closing Deals

What happens if you don’t close an investment deal on time? by Michael Jordan

76  What Is the Right Real Estate Investment for You? Part II in a new article series on how to find the right niche by W. J. Mencarow 78  7 Reasons to Diversify Your Portfolio in Panama How organic farming can be a sustainable real estate investment by Evie Brooks

DESIGN POINT 81  Reuse and Repurpose

Featured Designer: Tamara Day

MARKETS & TRENDS 84  Most Improved Markets Resilience is key to measuring healthy markets by Ingo Winzer 86  Market Spotlight: Atlanta This southern market is anything but overheated by Fred Heigold III

Sherman Ragland helps others acheive their financial goals through real estate investing by Joe Dyton



92  Sustaining Your Business During COVID-19 A tactical guide for small business owners in turbulent times by Shawn Tiberio 94  Container Home Villages Upcycled homes offer a solution to the housing crisis and to the environment by Kirk P. Taylor



BUILD-TO-RENT, RENT-TO-OWN Two likely winning strategies in times of tight entry-level supply

THE 7 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM Step 3: Explore, Educate, Assess & Begin!

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