“Instead of perceiving fear as a yellow or red light, think of fear as the green light for action.”

on me that I had developed a skill and a network that I could further leverage. I had a superpower that I didn’t even recognize. In nine months from the purchase of our duplex, we closed on our first apartment complex near Memphis, Tennessee. I partnered with an experienced operator in the area who owned over 2000+ units of his own and was looking for someone like me who could assist in capi- tal-raising efforts. I was able to leverage his experience

and track record, and he was able to leverage my network and experience of fundraising. I am not braver than you who are reading this. I just continued to do the things I feared. Do what you fear. Take action now! • Many of these thoughts were inspired from a chapter about fear in Grant Cardone’s book, 10X. I highly recommend this book and especially this chapter.

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