parcels. With lower-value properties, you can also diversify your portfolio by purchasing properties in many differ- ent states. And again, the amount of capital that is at stake on each deal is low. 4. There’s NoMaintenance With rural vacant land, there is no annual or monthly upkeep. You don’t have any repairs to make or messes to clean up. In fact, you often don’t have any on- going costs other than property taxes, which are typically very low.

So, if you have little interest in maintenance or playing landlord, raw land can be a nice, no-hassle invest- ment. On top of this, because monthly car- rying costs are low, it is easy to hold on to a property for a slightly longer time period if you hit a rough market. 5. There’s Little Competition As you may have gathered, there are very few people who understand the value of vacant land. Most real estate investors are looking to break into the residential or commercial markets, which means

there is little competition for you as a new land investor! There are also hundreds of thou- sands of vacant land parcels through- out the U.S., decreasing investor competition. Final Thoughts Land investing can be a great opportunity if you are willing to look beyond the stereotypes and properly understand the asset class. Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or a seasoned pro, raw land can be a great addition to your suite of investments strategies. •

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