easily be over $800 to the hard-working families without compromising luxury. Fully customizable with a quick build time, these homes are a developer’s and investor’s dream. Because of these factors, the units can be delivered generally cheaper than comparable housing options while providing superior finishes and amenities. Each home is unique as well, ranging from studio apartments to three-bedroom family living. During times of market and economic dislocation, inno- vation is often the key to unlocking long-term opportunity. By bringing a new solution to a significant housing crisis, container homes can provide a true triple bottom-line return. Residents benefit from safe, sustainable, and cutting-edge housing. Investors are rewarded by lower

construction costs combined with higher demand-driven rents while also opening up additional terrain that used to be unsuitable for traditional development. We all need to get together to identify real and last- ing solutions to the challenges we have today. Equity in housing is a solution everyone can support, and container homes will be a disrupter to the current housing crisis in rural (and maybe urban) environments. •

Kirk P. Taylor, CPA is Co-Founder & President of Land Betterment and its housing subsidiary ekō villages. ekō villages is an ecological development company building luxury housing communities at an affordable cost of living. We bring innovative solutions to the community through energy efficient high-end homes built in a safe and reliable structure. To learn more please visit:

thinkrealty . com | 95

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