choose what will make the money grown and make more money. Track your savings/capital, passive income, monthly income, and expenses to budget monthly. The fable of “The goose that laid golden eggs…” relates directly to financial freedom. Your savings/cap - ital invested becomes your “golden goose” that lays “golden eggs” in the form of passive income. Never touch your capital—the goose. In fact, you need to feed the golden goose at least 10 percent of all the income you and the goose make every month so that it grows and eventually lays enormous golden egg each month! That is financial freedom. Act on what you learn and know and discover what you do not know as you work and learn to narrow your gap. Educate yourself MORE and STAY IN ACTION toward your finan - cial freedom. •

tinues. Living financially free hinges on growing the passive income that happens no matter whether you work or not. My wife and I had to learn money habits of the wealthy. We made hard choices to live far BELOW our means and previous lifestyle on one income, so we could save more and build our investments. Now our passive income more than replaces and pays for our prior two-income lifestyle. GO INTOACTION! Begin measuring money month- ly: active income, passive income, net worth. When your awareness of money movement increases com- bined with your intention and com- mitment to grow your money, you

We all have different gifts, assets, income/money, liabilities, skills, responsibilities, time, etc. Take stock of who you are, what you have now, and measure the the distance to the vision you have set for yourself. With your awareness, desire, vision, and commitment, you and the universe begin moving to close the gap. ARRANGEYOUR LIFE TO CLOSE THE GAP It is necessary to measure and track your progress with money and passive income. Money in, money out. Not all money is equal, the sal- ary from your job may be six figures, but you must show up most days of the week to assure the money con-

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Gene Powers is President and Founder of Nationwide Secured Capital, a brokerage and investment company that purchases private loans secured by real estate for its own portfolios and

numerous private investors and funds. Nationwide provides cash out and recapitalization options to those receiving payments on first position private loans. This includes real estate investors/property owners who provided owner financing on properties sold. Call (800) 853-0573 or go to for offers. This article series outlines the 7 foundational STEPS that Gene and his wife learned in their jour- ney. They now travel extensively while co-author- ing a book further detailing these key steps in their journey to Financial Freedom. Email FFReadMore@ for more on this topic.

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